Goal 2: Strategic Plan

College of Graduate Studies will work with colleges, programs, donors, and the university to increase the funding of graduate programs.

Objective 1:

Strategically direct resources to improve graduate programs.


  • Reallocate resources to improve promising programs and eliminate or reduce those that are not aligned with UI strategies or have limited potential.
  • Coordinate financial support for graduate teaching assistants through a combination of resources from other colleges, department/programs and CoGS.
  • Develop fee policies consistent with peer institutions, with fee revenue benefiting graduate education.
  • Allocate funds for graduate faculty professional development.

Objective 2:

Generate funds from internal and external resources to support graduate education.


  • Develop a fundraising strategy for COGS with the Development Office.
  • Develop relationships with foundations to increase endowment to support graduate programs.
  • Identify external fellowships for graduate students and assist them in applying for the fellowships.
  • Advocate for University‚Äźwide policies and funding to support research and scholarship.