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National Gap Analysis Program

Keeping common species common

How well are we protecting common plants and animals? Developing the data and tools to support that science is the mission of the National Gap Analysis Program (GAP) at the University of Idaho. The gap analysis concept originated in 1987 in response to the need to complement species-by-species management in dealing with broad-spectrum habitat loss. GAP data, tools and analysis can help answer the following kinds of questions:

  • Where are the conservation lands that are protecting biodiversity and who manages them?
  • How much of a specific plant community or animal species’ habitat is held by each type of management organization (i.e., Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service)?
  • How much of a species’ habitat is on protected lands?
  • Which areas host the most species?

If you are interested in finding out more about GAP and the resources available to you, contact Jocelyn Aycrigg, Conservation Biologist.