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Courtney Conway
Courtney Conway
Idaho Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Leader
Research Interests and Areas of Specialization: Wildlife management, Conservation biology, Behavioral ecology, Life history evolution
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Christine Moffitt
Christine Moffitt
Professor; Assistant Unit Leader, Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Host-Parasite Interactions; Physiological Responses of Fish Populations to Increasing Water Temperatures; Specialty areas of interest: Disease Interactions of Cultured and Wild Fish, Invasive Species Biology and Management, Biology, Health and Management of Anadromous Fish in Hatcheries and in the Wild, Aquaculture Chemical Efficacy & Approval, Fisheries History
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michael quist
Michael Quist
Assistant Leader, Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit;Associate Professor
Research Interests: Fisheries Management; Applied Fish Ecology; Age and Growth of Fishes; Community Ecology
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Candy Ihm
Program Specialist
208.885.6336 | Office: 103