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Stacey Dunn, Ph.D.

Stacey Dunn

Post Doctoral Scientist

Department of Biological Sciences

Research Interests:

I combine behavioral, ecological, and genetic data (specifically, microsatellite analysis) to examine sexual selection and inbreeding in the National Bison Range, Montana, pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) population.


Dunn, S.J., Waits, L.P. and Byers, J.A. (submitted) Genetic versus behavioral estimators of the intensity of sexual selection in the wild. The American Naturalist.

Hogg, J.T., Poissant, J., Steele, B.M., Dunn, S.J., and Byers, J.A. (in prep) Capital versus income-dependent plasticity for birth date in two seasonally breeding ungulates.

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Dunn, S.J. and Byers, J.A. 2008. Determinants of survival and fecundity through a population bottleneck in pronghorn (Antilocapra americana). Journal of Mammalogy 89:1124-1129.

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