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faculty and student conducting fire ecology field work. learn more about range land center research.

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Part of the Rangeland Center's mission is to conduct objective and relevant research and provide information for individuals, organizations and communities. Whether you are a landowner, agency manager, conservationist, researcher, teacher, or student, we can help you locate science-based information on rangeland topics.


Sage-grouse Habitat in Idaho: A Practical Guide for Land Owners and Managers
This guide is an illustrated synthesis of the 2006 Conservation Plan for Greater Sage-grouse in Idaho and provides photo references and information to evaluate sage-grouse habitat and inform conservation and management.

Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest
The comprehensive resource for anyone who manages livestock on pastures in the Northwest, this 208-page book offers pasture managers information and tools to enable their pastures and their livestock to reach their maximum production potentials.

Backpack Guide to Idaho Range Plants
This 170 page full-color guide is designed to help readers learn to recognize common and important rangeland plants in Idaho. Each plant description includes photos of flowering parts, whole plants and plant community for easy identification.

Idaho's Noxious Weeds
This pocket guide has color photographs of all 64 weeds on Idaho's official noxious weeds list. Inside find maps showing each weed's distribution by county, leaf shape illustrations to aid in identification, and features to help distinguish the weeds from similar-looking plants.

Targeted Grazing Handbook
This handbook represents a compilation of the latest research on harnessing livestock to graze targeted vegetation in ways that improve the function and appearance of a wide variety of landscapes.

Companion Guides for Quantifying Pre- and Post-Treatment Fuels in the Sagebrush Steppe and Juniper Woodlands of the Great Basin
These photographic guides allow users to quickly appraise sites using ocular estimates.
>> Guide for Quantifying Fuels in the Sagebrush Steppe and Juniper Woodlands of the Great Basin
>> Guide for Quantifying Post-treatment Fuels in the Sagebrush Steppe and Juniper Woodlands of the Great Basin


Journal of Rangeland Applications
This open-access journal promotes rangeland management and conservation by providing syntheses of published research on the biophysical, ecological, social, and economic aspects of rangelands management and conservation. 

Range Science Information System
This searchable database contains bibliographic citations to thousands of journal articles focused on rangeland and grazing research. Article citations include additional information of value to agency resource personnel such as: major findings or main points, the type of article, location of study, a summary of methods or area of influence, topic categories, and annotations.