Rangeland Ecology & Management

Anthony Davis
Anthony S. Davis
FRFS Department Head; Tom Alberg and Judith Beck Chair in Natural Resources; Director, Center for Forest Nursery and Seedling Research; Associate Professor of Native Plant Regeneration and Silviculture
Research Interests: Improving nursery production practices of native plants, restoration of degraded forests, effects of environmental stresses on seedling growth and development
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Amanda Gearhart, Rangeland Extension Specialist
Amanda Gearhart
Rangeland Extension Specialist / Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Rangeland monitoring, GIS, remote sensing, plant community dynamics, and applied rangeland ecology and management
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Karen Lauchbaugh
Karen Launchbaugh
Director of the U-Idaho Rangeland Center and Professor of Rangeland Ecology
Research Interests: Plant-animal interactions; Grazing management; Animal behavior
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Blair McLaughlin
Blair McLaughlin
Assistant Professor
Research interests: Restoration and conservation ecology, global change, climate change, species interactions, drought-response of long lived organisms
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R. Robberecht
R. Robberecht
Research Interests: Physiological plant ecology (Ecophysiology); guided independent learning (use of information technology in science education); scientific visualization and modeling (integration of ecological processes, molecule to globe)
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Eva Strand, U-Idaho CNR Assistant Professor
Eva Strand
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Spatial ecology; Applied Landscape Ecology; GIS applications in natural resources
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Lee Vierling
Lee Vierling
Executive Director, UI McCall Field Campus and McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS)<br />Associate Professor, Department of Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences
Research Interests: Remote Sensing; Spatial Ecology; Biogeochemistry; Global Change; Interdisciplinary Science Education
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