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Kennith Cain smiling for the camera
Kenneth Cain
Professor; Associate Director of the Aquaculture Research Institute
Specialty Areas of Interest: Fish Immunology, Aquaculture Vaccine Development, Host-pathogen Interactions, Development of new Disease Diagnostic Tools, Antigen Characterization/Identification
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Chris Caudill
Christopher C. Caudill
Assistant Professor
The majority of my research has used invertebrates as model systems to understand how life history, behavior, and dispersal interact to influence population and community dynamics in spatially complex habitats. Much of this work has been at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (
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Brian Kennedy
Brian Kennedy
Associate Professor
Fish Ecology, Bioenergetics and Community Ecology of Streams, Ecosystem Controls on Aquatic Processes, Biogeochemical Tracers in Aquatic Systems
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Christine Moffitt
Christine Moffitt
Professor; Assistant Unit Leader, Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Host-Parasite Interactions; Physiological Responses of Fish Populations to Increasing Water Temperatures; Specialty areas of interest: Disease Interactions of Cultured and Wild Fish, Invasive Species Biology and Management, Biology, Health and Management of Anadromous Fish in Hatcheries and in the Wild, Aquaculture Chemical Efficacy & Approval, Fisheries History
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michael quist
Michael Quist
Assistant Leader, Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit;Associate Professor
Research Interests: Fisheries Management; Applied Fish Ecology; Age and Growth of Fishes; Community Ecology
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Fish and Wildlife Professor Dennis Scarnecchia
Dennis Scarnecchia
Paddlefish and Sturgeon Biology, Ecology, Stock Assessment and Management, Fish Population Dynamics and Stock Assessment, Salmon, Trout and Charr Ecology and Management, Large River Ecology & Fisheries, Fisheries Management
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Frank Wilhelm
Frank Wilhelm
Associate Professor
Limnology, Lake restoration and management, Ecology of aquatic macroinvertebrates, Influence of temperature on life history and reproductive strategies, Predator-prey relationships (invert.-invert., fish-invert.), Nutrient cycling through benthic-pelagic coupling
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