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PSU Staff

Lena Le
Dr. Lena Le is Director of the Park Studies Unit and Assistant Professor in the Conservation Social Science Department at the University of Idaho. She holds a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Management, a Master’s degree in statistics, and an MBA. During her eight years with the Park Studies Unit she has specialized in designing visitor satisfaction studies and community surveys.
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Philip Cook
Economic Analysis Programs, Travel Cost Models
Philip Cook holds a Master’s degree in Economics. He has been with the Park Studies Unit since 2008, focusing on the economic impacts of visitation and park operations on local communities. He is currently working on other economic analysis programs such as social value mapping of ecosystem services and travel cost models.
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Nancy Holmes
Focus Groups, Program Evaluation, Visitor Survey Card
Nancy Holmes has a Master’s degree in Conservation Social Sciences from the University of Idaho and has been with the Park Studies Unit since 2007. She conducts visitor surveys and specializes in qualitative studies of public land users as well as non-users and conducts evaluations of specific programs and services such as interpretive media, ticketing systems, and other operations.
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Cindi Jette
Data Processing
Cindi Jette assists with the coding and preparation survey data for the PSU database. She also processes VSC surveys, writes visitor study reports, and manages staff travel arrangements. Cindi earned a Bachelor’s degree from Montana State University, and joined the PSU in 2008.
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Marc Manni
Survey Team Leader
Marc Manni earned a Bachelor’s degree in Resource Recreation and Tourism from the University of Idaho. He began working at the PSU in 2004, and oversees questionnaire design, survey mailing, data entry, and report writing.
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Matthew Strawn
Database Analyst
Matthew Strawn has been the IT Database Analyst with the Park Studies Unit since 2010. He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. He is responsible for the visual design aspects of PSU survey instruments and designs systems for data entry and processing.
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