Philip Higuera

Philip Higuera, Assistant Professor
phone: (208) 885-6024
toll free: Skype: philip.higuera

Office: CNR 204B
Lab: McClure 408
University of Idaho,
P.O. Box 441133
Moscow, ID 83844-1133


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The following citations provide the most thorough background for the analyses employed in CharAnalysis, including the assumptions inherent in charcoal peak identification using a local threshold. These may be downloaded from the "Publications" page, linked to on this page.*

  • Kelly, R.F., P.E. Higuera, C.M. Barrett, and F.S. Hu. 2011. A signal-to-noise index to quantify the potential for peak detection in sediment-charcoal records. Quaternary Research 75: 11-17.
  • Higuera, P.E., D.G. Gavin, P.J. Bartlein and D.J. Hallett. 2010. Peak detection in sediment-charcoal records: impacts of alternative data analysis methods on fire-history interpretations. International Journal of Wildland Fire 19: 996-1014.

    Please use the following citation (also available via the Publications page) if you use the CharAnalysis program in a publication, and please note that it is freely available via the web site
  • Higuera, P.E., L.B. Brubaker, P.M. Anderson, F.S. Hu, T.A. Brown. 2009. Vegetation mediated the impacts of postglacial climatic change on fire regimes in the south-central Brooks  Range, Alaska. Ecological Monographs 79: 201-219.

Other publications using this software include:

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