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Graduate Education
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College of Natural Resources
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New graduate students, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho

Information for new students

The Master of Natural Resources (MNR) provides mid- and executive-level professionals unique educational opportunities for career advancement. The MNR graduate program is suitable for persons without a natural resource background who want a new career dealing with environmental issues, or persons in a natural resource field who want to upgrade career options, e.g., in management or administrative positions in a variety of natural resource management fields. This graduate program can be completed via on-line courses – at the student's own pace – as well as on-campus. Students typically complete the degree in three semesters.

The MNR program can be completed entirely via online courses, campus-based courses, or a combination of online and resident courses. In addition, the MNR graduate program can be combined with Certificate programs in Restoration Ecology and Fire Ecology, Management & Technology. Because the MNR graduate program is a course-based non-thesis program, there is no financial assistance in the form of teaching or research assistantships, or scholarships from the College Natural Resources available to students in the MNR program.

Admission requirements & applications

We encourage you to submit an application online at the College of Graduate Studies. Please be sure to carefully review the requirements for admission to the graduate program. Once your completed application has been sent to the MNR faculty us from the Graduate Admissions office, the MNR faculty will evaluate your application based on the combination of your transcript of scholastic performance, letters of reference, your statement of educational and professional objectives, and performance on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Admission to the College of Graduate Studies requires a minimum gradate point average (GPA) of 3.0, three letters of reference, and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Consult the College of Graduate Studies for detailed information on admission requirements and application procedures. Consult Student Accounts for information on costs for the program.

Applicants may be admitted into the program at any time. However, we encourage you to submit by April 1st for admission for the summer or fall, and October 1st for admission for the spring semester.

What classes will I take?

The classes that comprise the MNR are listed per program category in the section for Current Students. Classes are divided into four program categories: Policy, Planning and Law, Ecology and Management of Natural Resources, Human Dimensions, and Tools and Technology. Students select a suite of courses from each category for their degree program for a total of 28 semester course credits. All students will enroll in a two-credit project course (NR599) to develop a critical analysis of a case study, which will be presented orally during the final defense. The case study is typically developed and presented during the final semester of the student's program.

After satisfying the course requirements of the four MNR program categories, students may take additional elective courses from each of the program categories. This approach thus provides flexibility in the program, while ensuring students receive an education consistent with the MNR program.

A total of 30 semester credits are required for your MNR program.