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R Robberecht

Research Interests: Physiological plant ecology (Ecophysiology); guided independent learning (use of information technology in science education); scientific visualization and modeling (integration of ecological processes, molecule to globe)

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Lauren Fins

Specialty Areas of Interest: Genetic improvement of forest trees; Effects of forest management on genetic resources; Genetic architecture of forest tree species and populations; Using vegetative propagation to enhance forest species; Ecological and genetic effects on blister rust infection in western white and whitebark pines

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JoEllen Force
Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Physics

Research Interests: Forest policy and the relationships between people and natural resources; Human Ecosystem Model and related studies

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Ed Krumpe

Dr. Krumpe is a professor of resource recreation and tourism in the University of Idaho College of Conservation Social Sciences. In addition to his academic responsibilities, Professor Krumpe is the Principle Scientist of Wilderness Management of the University of Idaho Wilderness Research Center, for which he served as director for six years. He has over thirty one years experience in conducting research and teaching about recreation and tourism management, wilderness and wild and scenic river planning, natural resource communication, and public involvement and conflict resolution.

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Kerri Vierling
Associate Professor

Research interests: Avian Ecology, Fire Ecology/Disturbance Ecology, Role of Vegetative Structure and Composition in Assessing Animal Distributions, Land Use Effects on Animal Populations

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