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Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

Gorman Thomas

Thomas Gorman
Associate Dean;Professor of Renewable Materials

Research Interests: Wood quality; Small diameter log utilization; Mechanical properties of wood; Sustainable green building practices; Energy-efficient wood-framed housing; Durability of wood-framed buildings

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Armando McDonald

Armando McDonald
Professor, Biomaterials and Bioproducts

Research Interests: Biopolymers and bioplastics synthesis/biosynthesis from waste streams; Biobased composite materials research, including fiber modifications and product prototype development; Development of biobased fuels from biomass, including pyrolysis and synthesis gas upgrading to gasoline; Understanding wood/xylem formation using a combined biochemistry/proteomics approach

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Donald Bender

Donald Bender
Professor of Civil Engineering; Director of Composite Materials and Engineering Center at Washington State University

Research Interests: Building energy efficiency; Engineering properties of wood composites; Design of wood structures

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Keith Blatner

Keith Blatner

Department Chair and Professor for Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University Research Interests: The analysis of markets for timber and non-timber forest products under existing and potential future environmental, social and political constraints; The changing role of non-industrial private forest landowners in the forest products sector of the Pacific Northwest and the application of collaborative learning as a mechanism for fostering more effective public involvement in the management of public forest lands.

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Marie Pierre

Marie-Pierre Laborie

Research Interests: Valorizing bio-based resources for utilization in polymeric and composite materials, eg. design of lignin-based polymers; Cellulose-based nanocomposites and surface treatments for bio-based materials; Physical and viscoelastic properties of wood and wood-based materials; Adhesion in wood-based materials; Nanometer scale design of wood-polymer composites

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Scott Metlen

Scott Metlen
Business Department Head and Associate Professor

Ph.D. 2002 University of Utah
Areas of Expertise: management of quality, organizational structure, and process and product management.
Office: ALB225A | Phone: (208)885-5480 | Email: metlen@uidaho.edu

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jay o'laughlin faculty profile image

Jay O'Laughlin
Policy Analysis Group, Director;Professor of Forestry and Policy Sciences

Specialty Areas of Interest: Natural Resources Policy Analysis; Natural Resources Economics

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Steve Shook

Steve Shook
Professor of Marketing, Affiliate Professor of Forest Products

Ph.D. 1997 University of Washington
Areas of Expertise: diffusion and adoption of products, services, and processes; pricing strategy; forest products industry.
Office: ALB 303 | Phone: (208) 885-6802 | Email: shook@uidaho.edu

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Mike Wolcott

Michael Wolcott
Professor; Director of Institute for Sustainable Design

Research Interests: Sustainable Design; Materials Development; Biopolymers; Natural Fiber Composites; Design concepts that enable sustainable communities; Co-products that enable biorefineries

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