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Prepare for Success

To be successful in this program and as a professional in the workforce, you should have a strong desire to ensure natural systems are secure and sustainable for generations to come. Of course, you also need a strong educational foundation in biology, science, ecology and math, with the ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts to others. You should also be an inquisitive person with an analytical mind who is intrigued by the idea of conducting research in the outdoors as well as in a laboratory.

Your First Year

Doctoral Dissertation
The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Natural Resources degree has one designation: the College of Natural Resources. However, dissertation topics must be chosen from disciplinary areas within a department of the college. A dissertation, required of all doctoral students, must display a significant level of originality and creativity using rigorous scientific methods in its conception and design. The doctoral student is responsible for developing, conducting and writing the dissertation according to the highest academic standards.

Appointment of Major Professor and Committee
Formal appointment of the major professor should be made within two semesters of registration. The committee for a doctoral degree must consist of at least four members, and at least one half of the members must belong to the graduate faculty. The major professor chairs the committee.

Credit Requirements
A minimum of 78 credits beyond the bachelor's degree is required; of these, at least 52 credits must be numbered 500 and above, and at least 33 of the 78 credits must be in courses other than 600 (Doctoral Research and Dissertation).

Courses numbered below 300 may not be used to fulfill the requirements for a doctoral degree; courses numbered 300-399 may be used only in supporting areas. Individual departments may require additional course work.

Applicants having a doctoral degree may obtain a second doctoral degree subject to the approval of the Graduate Council. The Graduate Council will establish the requirements for the second degree.

Your course schedule will depend on what area of emphasis you select. However, all Ph.D. students will take:

  • Doctoral Research and Dissertation (NR 600)

For more information about your potential study plan, contact: cnr@uidaho.edu.

Apply for Admission

Download the Graduate Admission Application