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Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
Early spring snow in forest

Current Research

The College of Natural Resources maintains a very active research program in a variety of areas, with annual funding of more than $11,000,000. As a graduate student, you will work with your advisor to conduct and manage a doctoral research project and to develop a dissertation. Below are some of our featured research projects:


As a graduate student, much of your time will be spent with others who share your research pursuits. There are several research groups on campus you may get involved with, such as:

For a complete list of organizations you can get involved with, visit our CNR Research page.

Hands-On Experience

Our student research areas are as diverse as the individuals managing the projects. Here is a brief list of descriptions of some of the research projects being conducted by our students:

  • Dispersal ecology of greater sage grouse in northwestern Colorado: evidence from genetic and demographic methods
  • Conservation of protected areas combining biological and social sciences and focused on tropical highland ecosystems with Andean bear presence
  • Age and body condition of goats and the influences of consumption of Redberry Juniper (Juniperus coahuilensis) and the disposition of four monoterpenes


Check out our complete list of College of Natural Resources Research and Facilities.

Online & Outreach

You will gain valuable real-world experience and have the chance to learn directly from professionals in the field. The University of Idaho, in collaboration with the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) in Costa Rica, has established an interdisciplinary, multi-institution graduate research and education program. The program emphasizes conservation biology and sustainability of agricultural and forest systems.

The program also works closely with the U.S. Geological Survey's Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, which is housed in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and the Aquaculture Research Institute.