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Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

Current Research

As an M.S Natural Resources graduate student, you could be involved in research projects such as:

  • Investigating the restoration of landscapes after wildland fire
  • Understanding and managing invasive plant and animal species
  • Developing new and better building materials from woody biomass
  • Exploring the potential of alternative wood fuel sources for energy production
  • Researching the human dimensions in planning and managing protected areas and parks
  • Assessing the relationship of habitat degradation on wildlife population sustainability
  • Enhancing the capability of GPS and GIS tools for management of forests and other natural resources
  • Probing the impacts of natural resource decisions on local and regional communities
  • Examining the ecological interaction of domestic livestock with grassland and shrubland resources
  • Studying the impacts of pathogens, lowered water quality and harvesting on wild fish runs in the Pacific Northwest