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wood products being researched

Renewable Materials

Our Bachelor of Science in Renewable Materials (B.S. Renewable Materials) is your first step toward building a rewarding career in green industries such as manufacturing products from renewable materials, operations management or wood product development. Interdisciplinary coursework and project-based learning opportunities provide a solid foundation for those seeking a career in the development and management of products and energy from sustainably-managed forests, by-products from agricultural crops and recycled materials.

Career Opportunities
A B.S. in Renewable Materials will open the door to multiple rewarding career opportunities in private industry as well as employment options with state and federal government agencies.

Early in your career, you may spend a large amount of time outdoors, measuring and grading trees, conducting land surveys or laying out a road system for example. As you progress, opportunities may become more prevalent in areas such as business operations management, product development, quality control, construction and design of green buildings.

Other industry related career options include:

  • Bio-based Products manufacturing marketing supervisor
  • Renewable resources sales manager
  • Production and operations manager
  • Structural product designer
  • Building contractor
  • Truss designer
  • Bio-fuel developer and/or marketer
  • Manufacturing operations manager