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Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

ForP 100 – Introduction to Renewable Materials (2 cr) Critical issues facing the green industries, manufacturing, processes, and professional career opportunities. Hands-on lab for manufacturing and processing. Fall only.

ForP 321 – Renewable Materials Anatomy and Properties (3 cr) Physiology and anatomy of woody and other renewable plant materials, physical and mechanical properties of renewable materials.  Fall only.

ForP 436/536 - Biocomposites (3 cr). Raw material, processes, properties, and their applications for a number of natural fiber and wood composites made of veneers, particles and fibers. Spring only.

ForP 438 – Introduction to Lignocellulosic Chemistry (3 cr). The chemistry of lignocellulosic fiber (natural fiber and wood) formation and structure.  Fall only

ForP 444 - Primary Wood Products Manufacturing (3 cr). Raw materials, production methods, drying product specifications, and grading for sawn wood products; plant layout, machines, and systems analysis; plant tours.  Spring only.

ForP 450 - Biomaterials Deterioration and Protection (2 cr). Agents that cause deterioration of biomaterials; green building durability issues and design considerations; preservative systems and alternative control methods; and environmental considerations. Fall only.

ForP 491 - Biomaterial Product and Process Development Lab (1 cr).  Lab to accompany ForP 495.  One 3-hour lab per week.  Prereq: Econ 201 or 202, and perm. Coreq: ForP 490. (Spring only).

ForP 495 - Product Development and Brand Management (3 cr) Same as Bus 495.  May be used as core credit in J-3-4.  This course examines the development and management of products (goods and service) and brands. Topics will include the product development process, product-life cycle, development of brands, and management of brand portfolios. Specific to services, topics will include service quality, heterogeneity, perishability, and simultaneous production and consumption. Fall only.

ForP 498 - Renewable Natural Resources Internship (3 cr) Supervised field experience with an appropriate public agency or private company. Required for students in the Forest Products Business Management option and for cooperative education students. Summer only.