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Career Tracks

Career tracks are available to help define degree options. Some career tracks will fulfill degree requirements, and others are taken as restricted electives. Career track coursework represents an area of expertise. Several career tracks lend themselves to the completion of an additional minor. If none of these tracks represent your interests you can create a personalized career track with the help of your advisor.

Renewable Materials basic degree requirements include:
Renewable Materials Issues and Technology, Renewable Materials Anatomy and Properties, Biocomposites, Lignocellulosic Biomass Chemistry, Primary Wood Products Manufacturing, Wood Deterioration and Protection, Biomaterial Product and Process Development Lab,Product Development and Brand Management.

Construction & design
If you are interested in green building materials and sustainable designs to improve long-term performance and durability of buildings, this is the track for you. It provides the technical knowledge and skills needed to apply renewable materials in housing and light commercial building construction.

Courses include: Introduction to Architectural Graphics, Materials and Methods, Building Technology II – Concrete, Environmental Control Systems I, Environmental Control Systems II, Introduction to Principles of Site Design, Wood Building Technology, Introduction to the Built Environment, History of Architecture I – Pre-Modern, History of Architecture II – Modern.

A minor in Architecture can be fulfilled by taking: Arch 151, 154, 266, 385, 386, 463, 464, Larc 251

Renewable Materials Business Management
Students who want careers in management positions in the forest products or renewable materials industries should choose this track. You will focus on the production, distribution, and marketing of wood and other renewable products from a combined technical and managerial perspective.

Courses include: Entrepreneurship Academic Certificate: Enterprise Accounting, Introduction to Business Enterprises, Financial Management, Introduction to Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation, Quality Management, Foundations of Economic Analysis

A minor in Business may be fulfilled by taking: Acct 201, Acct 202, Econ 202, Econ 272, Stat 251, Stat 271, Stat 301, and five of the following courses (or Bus 340-345) Bus 101, Bus 301, Bus 311, Bus 321, Bus 350, Bus 351, Bs 370

Entrepreneurship Academic Certificate (Department of Business) may be fulfilled by taking: Bus 414, Bus 415, one of the following accounting courses: Acct 482, Acct 486, Acct 582, and one technical elective.

Materials Acquisition and Supply
This career track’s training in purchasing and supplying sustainable and renewable materials to manufacturers can lead you to an exciting career in materials procurement. You will gain a strong foundation in business, operations, and stewardship that forest products companies and bio-based energy producers are looking for in potential employees.

Courses include: Introduction to Management, Foundations of Economic Analysis, Forest Engineering and Harvesting, Designing Forest Access, Forest Tractor and Cable Systems, Legal Environment of Business, Natural Resource Policy, Forest Measurement and Inventory, Forest Inventory, Environmental Philosophy, Entrepreneurship

Bio-based Materials
If you enjoy using your creative talents to benefit society, consider a career in bio-based materials. You will gain technical skills and the ability to develop and manufacture new products and renewable and sustainable materials that lead to a variety of green jobs.

Courses include: Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation, Quality Management, Carbon Compounds, Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry I, Lab, Lignocellulosic Biomass Chemistry, Enterprise Accounting.

Entrepreneurship Academic Certificate (Department of Business) may be fulfilled by taking:
Bus 414, Bus 415, one of the following accounting courses: Acct 482, Acct 486, Acct 582, a capstone course, and one technical elective.

This career track is designed for students who want to focus on the science and technology of bio-based energy production, applications, and technology. You will be well equipped to meet society’s need for sustainable building products and energy resources.

Courses include: Fundamentals of Bioenergy and Bioproducts, Biofuels, Thermochemical Technologies for Biomass Conversion, Carbon Compounds, Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry I, Lab, Engineering Statics, Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Analytic Geometry and Calculus I.