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Summer Internships and Research Opportunities

One of the best ways to prepare for a successful career in the rangeland profession is to add summer work experience to the high-quality courses and field trips you'll take at the University of Idaho. Summer internships offer students the opportunity to become part of a research team, work with experienced range professionals in land management agencies or explore restoration options in conservation organizations. Fortunately, most of the summer internship experiences in the rangeland profession are paid positions that will help student cover the costs of school.

University of Idaho Rangeland Center Internship
Rangeland students can gain experience and earn some cash during the school year through the internship program in the newly launched Rangeland Center. Open only to students in the rangeland program, you will learn vital skills to use in your future career as a rangeland professional. Work right here on campus and enjoy a a flexible work schedule that compliments your class schedule. Earn $7.50 an hour and work an average of 10 hours a week by fielding questions from callers, providing outreach to schools, developing resources and coordinating events – all related to the study of rangelands