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Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
Rangeland Ecology & Management
phone: (208) 885-6536
fax: (208) 855-5190
College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho
P.O. Box 441135
Course requirements include university requirements and:

Undergraduate Courses
We offer undergraduate courses dedicated to the study of rangelands.
REM 221 Ecology
REM 244 Wildland Fire Management
REM 251 Rangeland Principles
REM 341 Systematic Botany
REM 351 Wildland Field Plant Identification
REM 357 Ecological Monitoring and Analysis
REM 410 Principles of Vegetation Measurement and Assessment
REM 429 Landscape Ecology
REM 440 Wildland Restoration Ecology
REM 450 Global Environmental Change
REM 452 Western Wildland Landscapes
REM 456 Integrated Rangeland Management
REM 459 Rangeland Ecology
REM 460 Rangeland Ecology Current Topics and Field Studies
REM 472 Remote Sensing of the Environment

Online Courses
Online courses offer additional learning opportunities.
REM 221 Ecology
REM 407 GIS Applications in Fire
REM 410 Principles of Vegetation Measurement and Assessment
REM 440 Wildland Restoration Ecology
REM 459 Rangeland Ecology
REM 560 Plant Ecophysiology

Other Course Opportunities
Faculty can guide students in one-on-one or small group teaching opportunities.
REM 404 Special Topics (small groups of students studying "hot topics" in range)
REM 497 Senior Research and Thesis (undergraduate research projects)
REM 498 Internship
REM 499 Directed Study (opportunity to pursue a specific topic or do an internship)

Important Related Courses
Rangeland faculty members also teach core courses taken by all students in the College of Natural Resources.
NR 101 Exploring Natural Resources
PLSC 338 Weed Control
FISH 430 Riparian Ecology and Management
AgEc 477 Law, Ethics and the Environment
FOR 462 Watershed Science and Management
SOIL 454 Soil Development and Classification