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Idaho rangeland

Giving Opportunities

Thanks to the generous support of alumni and friends, the University of Idaho Idaho Rangeland program has 12 scholarships dedicated to students pursuing rangeland degrees. We award about $15,000 annually to high-achieving, dedicated students. Our current scholarships bear the names of well-known range professionals and ranch families including: Bracket, Hixon, Soulen, Sharp, Tisdale, Purdy and Pechanec. The rangeland program has also initiated a $250 book scholarship for all incoming freshman and transfer students. As the costs of education rise, these scholarships become increasingly important to reward students and attract new high-achieving students. Donations dedicated to rangeland scholarships will be directed to the most deserving students in the rangeland program.

Field Trip Support
The University of Idaho Rangeland program has a strong commitment to getting students in the field. We believe the best approach is for our students to get out on the range and talk with those who manage and live on rangelands. Our efforts to give students hands-on field experience are becoming increasingly difficult as the costs for transportation and food continue to rise. Therefore, the rangeland program has established a Field Trip Support Fund. Alumni and friends who also believe in the value of field experiences can contribute to this fund which will defray the fuel, vehicle, food and field equipment costs to continue a long tradition of exceptional field experiences.

Internship Support
A rich education in rangeland ecology and management is best created with a solid academic program and strong work experiences. A dynamic internship program also allows us to partner with land management agencies, conservation organizations and ranches to provide valuable on-the-ground experience for our students. The union of academics and work experience is the foundation of the rangeland degree, and we are working to build an even stronger suite of internship opportunities for our students. We have established an internship fund to allow students to gain work experience during the school year and in the summer.