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Career Guide

Here are just a few of the jobs you can get with this degree.


Work in the field not only to harvest timber but to lead sustainable management of the forest. Your understanding of healthy forest ecosystems will allow you to balance the needs of the forest products industry with the necessary precautions to maintain regrowth and sustainability.


Connect the many aspects of an ecosystem to best understand and maintain a healthy forest. Your desire to understand how trees adapt to their environment allows you to create solid research projects to create results used in decision making.

Fire manager

Lead decision making and strategy planning on land around the world. Coordinate fire control and crews, lead public education as well as help protect land from fire by providing sound information to those working on the land.

Forest health specialist

Study the effect of bugs and disease on forests. Help not only with diagnosis, but with treatment and prevention of infestations to help maintain healthier forests.

Land-use planner

Help prevent conflict among people or within in ecosystems by applying your knowledge of these relationships to plan land use and change in an efficient and ethical way. From water availability to social conditions, you will analyze all the impacts to provide sound advice.

Nursery manager

Oversee the supply of seedling stock for reforestation and other planting projects. Collaborate with agencies and private landowners to select seedlings to best fit a land-use need. Lead research into new varieties of stock and new methods for growing the strongest seedlings.

Forest protection officer

Use your background in forest resources to identify and take appropriate action to uphold regulations and rules on public lands. While not a law-enforcement officer, you will serve as the first response when public land is threatened.


Specialize within your forestry career to focus specifically on the development and care of forests. Work as a scientist to find the best ways of planting and caring for forests.

GIS specialist

Work with geographic information systems within forest resources to solve problems and present data to scientists and decision makers. You may create maps, work with remote sensing and help locate and monitor specific sites for research.

Marketing specialist

Use your strong communication skills to build relationships between foresters, manufacturers and the general public. Educate others about the use of sustainable forest practices and collaborate with others to promote the forest industry.