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Lee Vierling

Lee Vierling

Office: CNR 205D
Phone: (208) 885-7952
Email: leev@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1133
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1133

College of Natural Resources
Executive Director, UI McCall Field Campus and McCall Outdoor Science School (MOSS)
Associate Professor, Department of Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences

With UI Since 2004

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Global Change
    • Land Use Change
    • Landscape Ecology
    • Remote Sensing
    • Habitat Conservation
    • Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions
    • Science Outreach and Communication
  • Biography

    My primary research interest is to study global environmental change by understanding the connections that link ecosystem structure with ecological function. I am particularly interested in developing and applying remote sensing techniques to study 1) exchanges of trace gases (e.g. carbon dioxide and water vapor) by vegetation canopies, 2) relationships between vegetation structure and wildlife habitat, and 3) the implications of land use and land cover change on ecological structure and function. I also strive to make cutting-edge discoveries in earth system science accessible and relevant to K-12 school children and have led the creation of an elementary earth system science curriculum.  I am fortunate to have a beautiful family, and my hobbies include bike touring, music, swimming, alternative energy sources and remodeling old things.

  • Selected Publications
    (5 of 80; * denotes student/post-doc)

    Magney, T.*, Eusden, S.*, Eitel, J.U.H., Logan, B.A., Jiang, J., and Vierling, L.A. (2014). Assessing leaf photoprotective mechanisms using terrestrial LiDAR: Towards mapping canopy photosynthetic performance in three dimensions. New Phytologist, 201(1): 344-356. doi: 10.1111/nph.12453.

    Eitel, J.U.H., Vierling, L.A., and Magney, T.* (2013). A lightweight, low cost, autonomously operating terrestrial laser scanner for quantifying and monitoring ecosystem structural dynamics. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 180 (2013): 86-96.

    Vierling, L. A., Martinuzzi, S.,Asner, G.P., Stoker, J., and Johnson, B.R. (2011). Lidar: providing structure. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 9(5): 261-262.doi:10.1890/11.WB.009.

    Vierling, K.T., Bässler, C., Brandl, R., Vierling, L.A., Weiß, I., and Müller, J. (2011). Spinning a laser web: predicting spider community characteristics using lidar. Ecological Applications, doi: 10.1890/09-2155.1.

    Vierling, K. T.†, Vierling, L. A.†, Gould, W., Martinuzzi, S.*, Clawges, R.* (2008). Lidar: Shedding new light on habitat characterization and modeling. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 6(2): 90-98. doi: 10.1890/070001. († = equal first authorship).
  • Awards and Honors
    • College of Natural Resources Outstanding Research Award (2007).
    • Harold Heady Professor of Rangeland Ecology, University of Idaho Department of Rangeland Ecology and Management (2006-present).
    • National Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, National Science Foundation (2000).
    • STAR Graduate Fellowship, United States Environmental Protection Agency (1996).
    • Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, The Colorado College Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa (1992).


    * View CV for full list of publications and honors.

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