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Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

Research & Outreach Programs

Nutrient Management and Cycling
The study and development of more effective nutrient management procedures has been a significant focus for the IFTNC in recent years. Results include recommendations on harvesting techniques; including slash treatment, species selection, and how geology and site type influence harvesting decisions. Current research in this area will support regional growth-and-yield models to help predict the effects of large nutrient removals through fire or harvest on subsequent stand yields.

Strength in Numbers
Are you intrigued by the prospect of studying the genetic systems of trees for the purpose of enhancing the quality of forest materials? If yes, we’ve been waiting for you! The forest resources program, along with other programs, universities and industry groups, works closely with the Center for Advanced Forestry Systems.

Douglas-fir Growth and Fine Hardwood Studies
One current research area is studying the effects of site and genetics of Douglas firs. Work will enhance the ability to predict the growth, stem quality, and adaptability of Douglas-fir plantations, refine breeding and deployment zones, and understand the potential effects of climate change.

Another project is looking to identify and investigate the gene in black walnut, one of the most valuable fine hardwood species, that regulates the shift from living to dead wood. Identifying these processes will increase understanding and open up the possibility of manipulating the process of the regulation of plant cell death in response to pathogens or stress. Contact Professor Mark Coleman, director of the IFTNC.

The University of Idaho Extension Forestry Team
Research and outreach are fundamental pieces of the forest resources program. The Univeristy of Idaho Extension Forestry team, for instance, works with a variety of groups throughout the state to promote the sustainable and productive use of Idaho's forests. Contact Randy Brooks or Yvonne Carree Barkley for more information.

Stillinger Herbarium
Collection of preserved plant specimens including over 133,000 accessioned vascular plants, 10,000 bryophytes and lichens, and 20,000 fungi
» University of Idaho Stillinger Herbarium

Center for Forest Nursery and Seedling Research
The Center for Forest Nursery and Seedling Research facility, in operation since 1909, is a seedling operation that grows more than 60 species of trees and shrubs for reforestation, windbreaks, wildlife habitat and restoration, and Christmas tree production. The nursery and the corresponding programs provide research findings, teaching opportunities, and quality seedlings for use and study by the Palouse community.
» Center Forest Nursery and Seedling Research

College of Natural Resources Biomaterials Laboratory
Contributing to social and economic well-being by providing technical and educational services related to the production, delivery, and use of wood and other cellulosic materials to the citizens of Idaho, the nation, and the world
» College of Natural Resources Biomaterials Laboratory

Lab for Ecological, Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics
The mission of LEECG is to use molecular methods to address research questions in ecology, evolution and conservation biology. LEECG researchers focus on the genetic analysis of a variety of plants and animals.
» Visit LEECG

Experimental Forest
Providing hands-on experience in research and learning opportunities.
» Experimental Forest

Extension Forestry
Have a problem with your tree or trees? Receive help in stewarding your forested property.
» Extension Forestry

Reveley Geospatial Laboratory for Environmental Dynamics
Extending education using the computer-based technologies of geographic information systems, remote sensing techniques and global positioning tools.
» Geospatial Laboratory for Environmental Dynamics

Idaho Stable Isotopes Laboratory
We provide stable isotopic analyses to departments and colleges at U Idaho for student and faculty research. Our applications range from tree physiology to nutritional food-web studies, while the biogeochemical possibilities are virtually endless.
» Stable Isotopes Lab

Inland Empire Tree Improvement Cooperative (IETIC)
Using classical plant breeding techniques to improve native species.
» Inland Empire Tree Improvement Cooperative

Intermountain Forest Tree Nutrition Cooperative (IFTNC)
Defining Intermountain West forest site quality to develop and enhance site specific forest management.
» Intermountain Forest Tree Nutrition Cooperative

Rangeland Center
The UI Rangeland Center will build on existing partnerships and create opportunities for new collaborations to advance the study and management of rangelands in Idaho and the region.
» UI Rangeland Center

Waters of the West
An interdisciplinary team approach to managing today's water resources, Waters of the West offers research programs and a graduate program.
» Waters of the West

College of Natural Resource Wildland Fire
For more than 30 years, the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho has been a leader in wildland fire education and research. We encourage an interdisciplinary approach to solving real world problems in our teaching, research and outreach.
» Wildland Fire

Wildland Hydrology & Watershed Management
Studies in wildland hydrology and watershed management at the University of Idaho are primarily focused on hydrologic processes and the impact of natural and human-induced landcover changes on the mass and energy fluxes occurring in wildland systems.
» Wildland Hydrology & Watershed Management