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Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

National Recognition

Our program is nationally recognized in the following crosscutting areas of fire ecology and fire science:

Ecological, Biophysical, and Societal Response
Quantifying and understanding the immediate and long-term effects, including recovery and succession, following wildland fires in the face of changing landscapes.

The program is central to several interdisciplinary science efforts under this theme, including National Science Foundation IGERT, PYRE and EPSCoR projects. The program has international recognition in the development of methods to characterize the severity of fires and how affected communities perceive those fires.

Fire Science and Management Technology
The development of technology and tools to help solve the next generation of fire science and management questions.

The program has national expertise in numerous aspects of fire measurement sciences including dendrochonology, paleoecology, in-situ and laboratory instrumentation, geospatial sciences, and modeling. The program has emerging expertise in visualization and virtualization.
Ongoing science questions include understanding the linkages of pre-fire fuels, active-fire energy fields and emissions, and post-fire ecological effects; including how they are measured and modeled.

Climate Change and Landscape Dynamics
Understanding the interactions of multiple disturbances, climate change, and land use change on landscape patterns and processes.

The program has considerable expertise in disturbance ecology and the assessment of fire regimes from the Holocone to future conditions. Several ongoing projects assess the effects of forest insects and diseases on fuel characteristics (including carbon budgets), stand structure and fire behavior at stand and landscape scales. Implications of prescribed and wildfires for nitrogen and other nutrients, ash and sediment in headwater stream systems, building on past successful projects. Includes woodland and rangeland health restoration and fuel treatments.