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Fire Research and Management Exchange System

FRAMES (Fire Research and Management Exchange System)

Wildland fire has a long history in both management and research. For much of that history management and research were segregated and rarely collaborated. As understanding about the ecological role of fire grew, and as an awareness of how past management practices produced the fuel problems of today, the need for collaboration and for information management between wildland fire research and management has also grown.

The mission of FRAMES is to support wildland fire and natural resource professionals and policymakers, by promoting and facilitating information and technology sharing, exchange, collaboration, and development through a state-of-the-art clearinghouse and web portal. The FRAMES portal helps eliminate redundancy, reduce costs, and promote increased productivity and efficiency for the professionals responsible for wildland fire and fire-related research and management.

FRAMES provides a method of exchanging information and transferring technology between wildland fire researchers, managers, and other stakeholders in an online environment in order to make wildland fire documents, data, tools, and other information resources easy to find, access, distribute, compare, and use. The FRAMES portal provides searchable information, a platform for data sharing and storage, development of new tools, and support to federal wildland fire management agencies in the United States throughout the various stages of wildland fire, including planning, operation, and post-fire monitoring. FRAMES is part of a Wildland Fire Science Partnership that includes the University of Idaho, University of Montana, and the U.S. Forest Service's Rocky Mountain Research Station.

For more information please see http://www.frames.gov or contact:

Lynn Wells
Program Manager, FRAMES
Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences
College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho

Diana L. Olson
Project Manager, FRAMES
Forest, Rangeland and Fire Sciences
College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho