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iFIRE Labs & Facilities

The Idaho Fire (iFIRE) Labs consist of a collection of facilities situated on or near the University of Idaho, Moscow campus. These labs enable the investigation of wildland fires over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales: from individual plants to global scales and from the Holocene to predicted future events. The iFIRE labs are managed by different Wildland Fire Program faculty and include a fine-scale fire processes facility, a medium-scale combustion table situated at the Center for Forest Nursery and Seedling Research, in addition to three fire ecology labs focusing on climate, vegetation response, and paleoecology research.

Here you’ll have unprecedented opportunities to gain hands-on experiences in wildland fire through our on-campus facilities, nearby University of Idaho Experimental Forest and through field trips in neighboring forests, mountain, canyon, woodland and grassland areas. You’ll get your hands dirty and work with top faculty such as Professor Penelope Morgan and classmates to develop real-life proposals for prescribed burns and fuel treatments, many of which you’ll see implemented and help to evaluate their effectiveness in achieving specific objectives. Our program also gives you direct access to a number of other cutting-edge facilities, labs and resources. In fact within the College of Natural Resources building, our program claims 3725 square feet of wood shop, laboratory space, and wet chemistry laboratory. Review our additional facilities and laboratories and you’ll be hooked!

Our state-of-the-art Geospatial Laboratory for Environmental Dynamics will teach you how technology can be used to study and manage fire. Learn how to use remote sensing and other tools to identify and monitor burn severity and to target post-fire rehabilitation where it will make the most difference. GIS and GPS equipment can also be used to accurately assess fire risks, study the effectiveness of fire treatments, plan and monitor ecological restoration efforts, map invasive species and more. This high-tech facility hosts a number of courses within our college, as well as various outreach projects, teaching labs and workshops.

Experimental Forest
Providing hands-on experience in research and learning opportunities.
» Experimental Forest

Burn Table & Nursery
This specialized facility allows for safe testing in a controlled environment.

Morgan Lab/LEADER Lab
Laboratory for Ecological Analysis of Disturbance and Ecosystem Recovery

Smith Fire Processes Lab
Conduct cutting edge work in wildland fire research from fire physics to fire ecology.

Paleoecology & Fire Ecology Lab
Research in the Paleoecology and Fire Ecology Lab focuses on understanding the interactions among climate, vegetation, and fire regimes over a range of spatial and temporal scales
» Paleoecology Lab