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Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences

Fire Ecology & Management, Minor

Our minor option gives you the opportunity to further customize your coursework and educational focus. Designed for those seeking a degree outside of this program, a minor will prepare you to apply sound science-based principles to analyzing, communicating and solving complex fire issues. From deciphering fire management plans to understanding how policies and regulations impact behaviors you will be prepared to contribute.

You can register for courses online, and we highly recommend that you contact us to develop an individualized program of study to help meet your educational goals and needs.

To earn a Minor in Fire Ecology and Management you must earn a minimum of 18 credits from the list below, with at least 12 credits in courses numbered 400 or above, and at least 9 credits in University of Idaho courses. Students must also earn a grade of "B" or better in each class to qualify for the minor. With CNR certificate committee approval, students may transfer up to six credits of course work from another institution to count towards the minor.

Fire Core Courses (8 credits)
For 426 Wildland Fire Ecology and Management (For 221 or REM 221)
REM 244 Wildland Fire Management
One of the following courses:
For 427 Prescribed Burning Laboratory (REM 244, For 450, For 451, Senior standing, and permission. Coreq: For 426)
For 450 Combustion Fire Behavior and Fuels (Phys 111 and REM 244) (Coreq: For 451)
For 451 Fuels Inventory and Management (For 375, REM 244 and For 274 or REM 357) (Coreq: For 450)

Ecology Courses (2-3 credits)
For 330 Forest Ecosystem Processes (Soil 205, Math 143 or 160, and HS Physics or Phys 100)
REM 429 Landscape Ecology (For/REM/Wlf 221)
REM 440 Wildland Restoration Ecology
REM 459 Rangeland Ecology (Recomm: A course in general ecology or perm)
REM 460 Rangeland Ecology Current Topics and Field Studies (Coreq: REM 459)
Wlf 314 Wildlife Ecology I

Applied Tools and Technology (3 credits)
For 375 Introduction to Spatial Analysis for Natural Resource Mgmt (College Algebra)
For 435 Remote Sensing of Active Fire and Post-fire Effects (NR 402 or REM 402; or Permission)
Geog 301 Meteorology (Geog 100 or Phys 100)
Geog 385 GIS Primer (Basic knowledge of PC-based operating system)
Geog 401 Climatology (Geog 100 or Geog 301 or Phys 100)
Geog 475 Advanced GIS (Geog 385 or perm)
REM 402 GIS Applications in Natural Resources
REM 407 GIS Applications in Fire Ecology and Mgmt

Management, Planning and Policy (6 credits)
CSS 490 Wilderness and Protected Area Management
For 324 Forest Regeneration (For 274, For 330, Soil 205 and Soil 206)
For 424 Forest Dynamics and Management (For 274, 320, 324 and 330)
For 462 Watershed Science and Management (Recomm: Math 143 or 160, HS physics or Phys 100 or 111)
For 484 Forest Policy and Administration (Junior Standing; Recomm: For 235 and 383)
ForP 430 Forest Engineering and Harvesting (Recomm: ForP 230)
REM 456 Integrated Rangeland Management (Recomm: REM 251)