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Fish & Wildlife Sciences

Cort Anderson
Assistant Research Professor; Co-director Center for Research on Invasive Species

Professional interests: Molecular Evolution, Molecular Systematics, Invasive Species Issues

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Courtney Conway
Idaho Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Leader

Research Interests and Areas of Specialization: Wildlife management, Conservation biology, Behavioral ecology, Life history evolution

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Brian Dennis

Research interests: Statistical Ecology, Biometrics, Mathematical Modeling, Theoretical Ecology, Conservation Biology, Population Dynamics

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Janet Rachlow
Associate Professor

Research Areas: Wildlife Ecology and Management, Conservation of Fragmented Populations, Behavioral Ecology of Mammals, Ungulate Biology, Conservation Biology.

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Kerry Reese
Professor; Department Head

Research Interests: Upland Game Bird Ecology & Management; Non-game Wildlife; Avian Habitat Relationships

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Kerri Vierling
Associate Professor

Research interests: Avian Ecology, Fire Ecology/Disturbance Ecology, Role of Vegetative Structure and Composition in Assessing Animal Distributions, Land Use Effects on Animal Populations

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Lisette Waits
Professor; Affiliate faculty member CATIE Costa Rica

Research interests: Conservation Genetics, Landscape Genetics, Molecular Ecology, Molecular Systematics

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Edward O. Garton
Emeritus Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Statistics

Dynamics & Management of Bird & Mammal Populations, Modeling & Simulation of Population Processes, Population Estimation

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J. Michael Scott
Distinguished Professor; Emeritus Professor

Research Interests: Endangered Species Limiting Factors; Conservation Biology; Estimating Animal Numbers; Ornithology; Reserve Identification, Selection, and Design

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