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janet rachlow

Janet Rachlow

Office: CNR 105b
Phone: 208-885-9328
Email: jrachlow@uidaho.edu
Mailing Address: Department of Fish & Wildlife Sciences
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1136
Moscow, Idaho 83844-1136

College of Natural Resources
Department of Fish & Wildlife Sciences

With UI Since 2001

  • Research/Focus Areas
    • Behavioral ecology of mammals
    • Conservation of fragmented populations
    • Wildlife-habitat relationships
    • Ungulate ecology and management
    • Advocacy and Science
  • Biography

    Janet Rachlow is a mammalian ecologist interested in behavior and conservation of both rare and common mammals. Her current research focuses on habitat relationships of diverse species, with an emphasis on understanding the consequences of habitat modification. Rachlow along with her students and collaborators conduct field and laboratory studies to address questions that can help manage and conserve wildlife and their habitats. Janet enjoys outdoor activities and Idaho’s terrific wildland resources.

  • Selected Publications
    • Camp, M.J., J.L. Rachlow, B.A. Woods, T.R. Johnson, and L.A. Shipley.  2013.  Examining the functional components of cover: the relationship between concealment and visibility in shrub-steppe habitat. Ecosphere. 4(2):19. http://dx.doi.org/10.1890/ES12-00114.1
    • Sauder, J.D., J.L. Rachlow, and M.M. Weist. 2012. Influence of topography and canopy cover on Argos satellite telemetry performance. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 36:813-819.
    • Camp, M.J., J.L. Rachlow, B.A. Woods, T.R. Johnson, and L.A. Shipley. 2012. When to run and when to hide: the influence of cover and distance to refugia on perceptions of predation risk.  Ethology. 118:1010–1017.
    • Bowyer, R.T., J.L. Rachlow, K.M. Stewart, and V. Van Ballenberghe.  2011.  Vocalizations by Alaskan moose: female incitation of male aggression.  Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology.  65:2251-2260.
    • Lewis, J.S., J.L. Rachlow, J.S. Horne, E.O. Garton, W.L. Wakkinen, J.A. Hayden, and P. Zager. 2011.  Identifying habitat characteristics to predict highway crossing areas for black bears within a human-modified landscape. Landscape and Urban Planning. 101:99-107
    *You can view a full list of publications in Janet's CV
  • Research Projects
    • A functional assessment of habitat quality and habitat tradeoffs
    • Understanding effects of fire and grazing on habitat quality for pygmy rabbits
    • Resource selection by Kodiak brown bears: responses to spatial and temporal variation
    • Ecology of fishers in managed forests: habitat selection and spatial relationships
    • Territoriality, productivity, and survival of black-footed ferrets
    • Dispersal and gene flow among pygmy rabbit populations

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