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Learn more about Idaho’s aquaculture infrastructure and how private industry is taking a stand for sustainable fish farming practices. They are employing strict standards for feed, fish health and water quality. Read: The Trout Equation in the Summer 2010 issue of Sun Valley Magazine.

A student researcher netting a Northern Pike fish

Professional Development

As part of our curriculum, we require students to participate in at least one season of approved work experience, which can also be in the form of an internship. Former students have told us how valuable this Renewable Natural Resources Internship (FISH 398) requirement is in helping them solidify their interest areas and in preparing them for the future.

In addition to working with agencies such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, for instance, some of our students have opted to work with one of Idaho’s private tout farms. These farms along with state, federal and private hatcheries and the Aquaculture Research Institute make the trout business one of the largest employers in southern Idaho.

Trout Farms are Big Business
An article in the Summer 2010 issue of Sun Valley Magazine highlights this thriving industry, which many argue is a excellent an example of a green industry because of the farms ability to harness waste and farm in ecologically responsible ways. Idaho’s top trout farms such as Clear Springs Foods and Idaho Trout Company, for example, employ fishery professionals to ensure they can continue to produce high-quality fish while safeguarding the water quality of the Snake River Plain Aquifer and the Snake River.