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Fish & Wildlife Sciences

Together we’re looking into the causes, mechanisms and functions of fish behavior, such as reproduction, communication, schooling, feeding, migration, and orientation.

Fishery Science
College of Natural Resources
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 1136
Moscow, ID 83844-1136
Copper Trout

Research & Outreach

Our research and outreach programs are addressing some of the most imperative issues facing the field of fisheries resources today.

Fisheries faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized for their leading expertise and significant research contributions in sustainable aquaculture, aquatic biology, freshwater restoration and coastal restoration ecology. Fish health and disease management and aquaculture vaccine development are also central research areas.

Research related to molecular diagnostics and aquaculture (new-species) development are being explored on campus by faculty and students and in partnership with the Aquaculture Research Institute and the University of Idaho Limnology Lab for example. Students at both undergraduate and graduate levels have unprecedented opportunities to engage in many of these industry-altering projects.