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The College of Natural Resources and fishery resources program boast some of the most sophisticated facilities on campus and beyond. The Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station is a field laboratory of the College of Agriculture and is a part of the Aquaculture Research Institute.

Collaboration Makes it Possible
The Hagerman Fish Culture Experiment Station is truly a collaborative atmosphere. The station supports undergraduate and graduate-level research by students from prominent universities and organizations throughout the region, including:

Students and scientists throughout the university conduct research in both commercial and conservation aquaculture sciences and technologies. Topics explored include the implications of aquaculture on aquatic environments, fish nutrition and feeding, fish genetics and breeding and water quality assurance. Within this facility research is conducted in the Center for Sustainable Aquaculture and the Center for Salmonid and Freshwater Species at Risk.

To learn more about additional facilities read on or visit the College of Natural Resources site.

Experimental Forest
Providing hands-on experience in research and learning opportunities.
» Experimental Forest

Reveley Geospatial Laboratory for Environmental Dynamics
Extending education using the computer-based technologies of geographic information systems, remote sensing techniques and global positioning tools.
» Geospatial Laboratory for Environmental Dynamics

McCall Field Campus
Residential education and conference facility located on Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho
» McCall Field Campus

Stillinger Herbarium
Collection of preserved plant specimens including over 133,000 accessioned vascular plants, 10,000 bryophytes and lichens and 20,000 fungi.
» University of Idaho Stillinger Herbarium

Taylor Wilderness Research Station
Providing outstanding access, facilities, and logistical support for research on natural environments and processes.
» Taylor Wilderness Research Station