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Natural Resource Conservation careers

Career Guide

Here are just a few of the jobs you can get with this degree.

Conservation officer

Protect wild animals, plants and entire ecosystems as a law enforcement officer dedicated to our natural resources. You may work for a wildlife agency, as a park ranger or for other entities working to enforce environmental rules and regulations.

Environmental/land-use planner

Help prevent conflict among people or within ecosystems by applying your knowledge of these relationships to plan land use and change in an efficient and ethical way. From water availability to social conditions, you will analyze all the impacts to provide sound advice.

Information or education specialist

Bring the science of conservation to the public with your communication skills and understanding of conservation practices, science and regulations. Be the face of good land use decisions and help create understanding among landowners, concerned citizens and others.

Interpretive naturalist

Blend science with other aspects of learning, including the arts, to educate and inform the public about natural resources. You will combine communication skills with a science background to lead discussions as well as create awareness and understanding in parks, visitor centers, nature preserves and more.

Park ranger

Protect park resources in a variety of ways. As a park ranger you may work in law enforcement, education, emergency response, science or administration. No matter what your role, the bottom line is to protect and promote the park.

Public affairs specialist

Help the general public understand changes in rules and laws, collaborate with scientists, and natural resource managers to ensure an accurate and understandable message is given to the public through education, media and other outlets.

Wilderness/backcountry manager

Help protect some of the world’s most precious, and remote, natural resources by working in unique settings. Ensure that all those accessing the backcountry understand the impact of their activities, implement strategies for human interaction with these resources and oversee the sustainable use of these areas.