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CSS Theses and Dissertations

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  • 2010-2019
    2015 Jennewein, Jyoti  Examining “Willingness to Participate” in Community-Based Water Resources Management in a Transboundary Conservation Area in Central America Sanyal/Jones  MS 
    2014 Chaffin, Jennifer   An Evaluation of Ticketing Preferences and the Effects of a Fee Increase at Timpanogos Cave National Monument Wendland  MS 
    2014  Irizarry, Susan   Day Hikers in Yosemite Wilderness: Understanding Travel Patterns and Trail Choice Decision Making  Hall  MS
    2014 Zedalis, Morgan   Coming to Know: An Indigenist Informed Ethnography on Nimiipuu Knowledge and Its Integration into Environmental Management  Sanyal  PhD
    2013 Blades, Jarod   Bridging Natural Resource Communication Boundaries: Public Perceptions of Smoke from Wildland Fires and Forest Managers' Perspectives of Climate Change Science Hall/Force  PhD 
    2013  Boie, Jennifer   The Influence of Cultural Worldview and Networks of Relationships on Implementation of Conservation Practices in Whitman County, WA Sanyal   PhD
    2013 Jilot, Tessa Using a Multi-Tier Social-Ecological Systems Model to Analyze User Groups in the Columbia River Basin Wilson MS
    2013  Clark, Melissa   Framing Techniques in Wildland Fire Communication: The Impact of Gain and Loss Frames on Support for Management Hall   MS
    2012 Bentley, Drew The Experience of Landscape: Mental Health Benefits of Lakeshore Environments Hall PhD
    2012 Bromley, Maria Experientially Learning and Teaching Leave No Trace: Efficacy of Master Educator Courses Hall MS
    2012 Bruce, Matt Opinions towards Using Volunteers in Ecological Restoration: A Survey of Federal Land Managers Krumpe MS
    2012 De la Cruz-Novey, Alicia The Effectiveness of Public Participation in Developing and Implementing Tourism Plans for Two Peruvian Protected Areas Hall PhD
    2012 Dolkas, Matt Finding the Palouse Prairie: Images of a Vanishing Grassland  (Project) Sanyal MS
    2012 Forsgren, Amy The Social and Cultural Importance of High Andean Watersheds in Southern Ecuador Pinel MS
    2012 Kostoff, Amber Seasonal Wilderness Employees: An In-Depth Exploration of the Factors Affecting Retention and Turnover Hall MS
    2012 Samuelson, Mystera The Effects of Visiting a Montana Wildlife Conservation Center on Attitudes Toward Gray Wolves (Canis lupus)

    2012 Schechter, Hannah Developing a Field Trip Based Service Learning and Environmental Education Program for the BLM to use in the Grand County Public School System (Project) Bradley Eitel MS
    2012 Zimmerman, Monica Assessment of the Application of Outcomes Focused Management in a BLM Land Use Planning Process (project) McLaughlin MS
    2011 Akamani, Kofi Community Resilience to Drivers of Change: An Analysis of Community and Household Participation in the Collaborative Forest Management Program of Ghana Hall PhD
    2011 Blotkamp, Ariel Day Hikers in Bear Country: A Study of Knowledge, Fear, and Protection Motivation Ham MS
    Fuller, Heather
     Defining Success in Cooperative Weed Management Areas in Idaho, Washington, and British Columbia Using the Delphi Technique
     Sanyal  MS
    2011 Davidson, Andrea The Evolution of Visitor Perceptions: Wilderness Character in the Bridger Wilderness Hall MS
    2011 Kooistra, Chad Understanding Residents’ Attitudes about Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks on Public Land in Grand County, Colorado Hall MS
    2011 Tanaka, Hiroyuki Competitive Strategies in Community Forestry: Leveraging through Second-tire Joint Enterprises in Mexico and Guatemala Hollenhorst PhD
    2011 Watt, Craig Explaining Cooperation Among Environmental Groups: Fight Without Their Allies or Fight with Them? Hall MS
    2010 Braak, Ann A National Visitor Satisfaction Monitoring Program for Concession Operations in the National Park Service Hollenhorst MS
    2010 Mac Donald, Jennifer A Project to Deliver a Synthesis of River Recreation Research to Managers Krumpe MS
    2010 Woita, Rachel Understanding the Relationship Between Risk Perception and Preparedness Among Backcountry Campers in Glacier National Park Sanyal MS
    2010 Young, Richard The Development of an Environmental Education Outreach Program for the Lower Salmon River Corridor Hall MS
  • 2000-2009
     2009     Jocius, Jannis Creating an Invasive Plant Management Plan for Nez Perce National Historical Park Hollenhorst     MS
    Lehr, Tamara
    Connecting Salmon, Culture and Learning: A Collaborative Education Project with the Sugpiaq
    Smulkowski, Jake
     Living and Learning at the McCall Outdoor Science School: An Application of Portraiture as a Tool of Inquiry
    2008 Amberg, Shannon Public Perceptions of Aquaculture: Exploring the Influence of Mass Media and Decision Heuristics in Shaping Risk Perceptions Hall PhD
    2008 DeUrioste-Stone, Sandra Collaboration in Guatemalan Protected Area Management: Building Understanding and Capacity of Co-Management Organizations in the Regional Municipal Protected Area of Zunil McLaughlin PhD
    2008 Lewis, Alexis Safety in Wildland Fire: Leadership and Employee Voice Hall MS
    2007 Bradley, Karla Curriculum Theory in Four Graduate Residencies in Environmental Education: A Critical Philosophical Inquiry Hollenhorst PhD
    2007 Heesacker, April Conflict Studies on the Lower Salmon River in Idaho: The Role of Personality and Social Norms Sanyal MS
    2007 LaDuke, Allison Evaluation of Park Communication with German-Speaking Visitors at Yosemite National Park, California Hall MS
    2007   Morse, Wayde Payments for Environmental Services in Costa Rica: Conservation and Production Decisions Within the San Juan-La Selva Biological Corridor Hollenhorst PhD
    2007 Zhou, Lulu    Ecotourism Stakeholders’ Perspectives of Collaborative, Sustainable Tourism Development: A Comparative Case Study of Wanglang and Wolong Panda Reserves in Sichuan Province, China McLaughlin    MS
    2006 Cohen, Ken Community, Culture, and Change: Defining and Designing Community Coaching-Based Strategies for Community-Driven Development Initiatives Sanyal PhD
    2006 Farnum, Jennifer Investigating Consumer Judgements within a Tourism-Based Industry: The Case of Commercial Whitewater Rafting Hall PhD
    2006 Jakobsen, Christine Reframing Citizen Engagement in Landscape Planning: Multi-Stakeholder Groups as Learners McLaughlin PhD
    2006 Nielsen, Erik A. Dimensions of Public Participation in Community-Based Conservation Projects: Methods, Processes, Empowerment and Hope McLaughlin PhD
    2006 Seekamp, Erin Changes in Stakeholders' Attitudes About Wilderness Management: Exploring Small-Group Deliberations and Information Processing in a Public Involvement Process Harris PhD
    2006 Warneke, Sarah Segmentation of Off-Highway Vehicle Recreationists for Off-Highway Vehicle Route System Development: An Application in the Colville National Forest Sanyal MS
    2006 Westerfield, Lynne Sense of Place and Stewardship in the Clearwater River Valley: A Mixed Methods Approach Krumpe MS


    Wishart, John The Relationship Between Child and Parent Involvement in Conservation or Environmental Activities Krumpe MS
    2006 Ziemer, Gretchen A Process Evaluation of the Development and Implementation of a Non-Indigenous Invasive Species Learning Unit Harris MS
    2005 Best, Steven Beliefs about Bear Resistant Food Canister Use Among Backcountry Visitors in Glacier National Park Krumpe MS
    2005 Bucy, David An Empirical Study Applying Dual Coding Theory, Schema Theory and the Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion to the Design, Location and Evaluation of Interpretive Signs Hall PhD
    2005 Daly, Jorjena Place Attachment in the South Hills Open Space of Helena, Montana Krumpe MS
    2005 Le, Yen (Lena) Perceptions of Vietnamese Tourism Businesses Toward the Adoption of Sustainable Tourism Practices Hollenhorst PhD
    2005 Novey, Levi An Evaluation of How an Interpretive Audio Tour Affects Visitor Knowledge and Behavior at Carlsbad Caverns National Park Hall MS
    2005 Ragan, Tanna Interpersonal Skills for Natural Resource Professionals: What Works/What Doesn't Work to Enhance Citizen-to-Government Cooperation for Environmental Stewardship Sanyal
    2005 Skyelander, Kim A Description of Adult Environmental Education Programs in Residential Environmental Education Centers: Their Use of Experiential Learning Theory and Environmental Citizenship Concepts McLaughlin PhD
    2005 Slothower, Megan Identifying Homeowners' Perceptions of Wildfire Risk and Attitudes Toward Mitigation Measures at the Wildland-Urban Interface in the Southern Oregon Coast Range Hall MS
    2005 Wardner, Diane A Needs Assessment Report for an Outreach Education Program for Grand Teton National Park Hollenhorst MS
    2004 Auld, Scot T. Temporal Investment of Property-Holders and Its Relationship to Perceived Qualities, Threats, and Desired Future Conditions for the Recreation-Oriented Community, Priest Lake, Idaho Sanyal MS
    2004 Barnett, Adam Displacement and Coping at Wilderness Climbing Destinations: A Survey of Mountaineers in Washington and Oregon Hall MS
     2004 Crowser, Chet
    Evaluating Bureau of Land Management Information Sources to Private Whitewater Boaters on the Lower Salmon River
    2004  Elagupillay, Sivananthan Conceptualizing Protected Area Policy for Peninsular Malaysia: A Case Study of Land-Based Protected Area Designation Hollenhorst PhD
    2003 Aleman, Alicia A Comparative Case Study of the Evolution of Tourism in Two Basque Valleys A Transborder Perspective McLaughlin MS
    2003 Bradley, Karla Evaluating the Beverly Johnson Leadership Project Harris MS
    2003 De Urioste, Sandra Meanings of Protected Area-Based Tourism to Residents of Nearby Rural Communities: Guatemala Case Study McLaughlin MS
    2003 Dickson, Shannon Expectation Recall and Satisfaction on Owyhee River Boating Trips Hall MS
    2003 Farber, Mary An Assessment of Extraordinary Experience and Emotional Response of Visitors to the Dalton Highway in Alaska Fazio MS
    2003 Fuemmeler, Vivaca The Design of a Web-based Instructional System on Thematic Interpretation: Foundations of Thematic Interpretation
    Hall MS
    2003 Moore, Ryan Co-Management: A Description of an Evolving Natural Resource Management Approach, 1985-2002 Krumpe MS
    2003 Zupan, Sandra An Investigation of Agency Perceptions of Transboundary Protected Area Cooperation: The Case Study of the Wrangell-St. Elias and Kluane Protected Area Complex Hollenhorst MS
    2002 Becker, Dennis A Participatory Approach to Social Impact Assessment: The Interactive Community Forum Harris PhD
    2002 Courrau, Jose Reinventing Costa Rican Government to Integrate Natural Resource Management and Conservation (1990-2000) McLaughlin PhD
    2002 Hensiek, Jennifer Owyhee Canyonlands: Recreation and Aircraft Noise Krumpe MS
    2002 Kluwe, Joan Understanding Wilderness Land Use Conflicts In Alaska and Finland Krumpe PhD
    2002 Lackey, Brenda Empirical and Theoretical Analysis of Communication Focused on Human-Black Bear Conflicts in Yosemite National Park Ham PhD
    2002 Pinto, Alicia A Case Study of the Nature of Conflict Between Motorized and Non-motorized Boater on the Lower Salmon River in Idaho McLaughlin MS
    2002 Smaldone, Dave An Exploration of Place Attachment in Grand Teton National Park and The Jackson Hole Valley Harris PhD
    2002 Spinosa, Daniel Segmenting Motor Vehicle Travelers in Idaho Using Lifestyle, Trip Purpose, and Geographic Origin Characteristics Sanyal MS
    2002 VanOrmer, Chad Attitudes, Motivations, and Behaviors towards Grizzly Bears of Backcountry Day Users and Backcountry Overnight Users in Glacier National Park Krumpe MS
    2002 Zahrobsky, Jennifer An Assessment of Treatment Outcome in OMNI Youth Services Using the Youth Outcome Questionnaire Russell MS
    2001 Lankard, AnneMarie The Marketing of An Environmental Issue: A Case Study of the Wilderness Societys Promotion of Forest Conservation Through Its National Forest Program From 1964-2000 McLaughlin MS
    2000 Amako, Naoki Low Impact Recreation Practices: The Level of Implementation and The Affecting Factors in Glacier National Park and Daisetsuzan National Park  Harris MS
    2000 Acree, Elizabeth A Survey of Barriers to Wildlife Education in Southern Texas Fazio MS
    2000 Davis, Matthew A Recreational Needs Assessment for the Town of Hartland, CT: Planning for the Town Recreation Area Krumpe MS
    2000 Edwards, S.N. Comparative Study of Ecotourism Policy in the Americas McLaughlin MS
    2000 Garson, A.J. The 1999 Lower Salmon River Steelhead Angler and Non-motorized Whitewater Boater Studies McLaughlin MS
    2000 HaySmith, Leslie Identifying Ecological and Social Indicator Species of Wildlife in the Neotropics Ham PhD
    2000 Johnson, Jeffrey    Krumpe MS
  • 1990-1999
    1999 Havens, Luisa The Snake River Greenbelt: A Visitor Study McLaughlin MS
    1999 Russell, Keith C. Theoretical Basis, Process, and Reported Outcomes of Wilderness Therapy as an Intervention and Treatment for Problem Adolescents  Hendee PhD
    1999 Schiepan,    Katherine M. Opinions About Natural Resources in Idaho: A Multiple Case Study to Identify and Compare Key Natural Resource Issues McLaughlin MS
    1999 Stewart, Andrea Ham MS
    1999 Thomas, James A. Opinions About Natural Resources in Idaho: A Multiple Case Study to Identify and Compare Key Natural Resource Issues Between 1991 and 1998 Sanyal MS
    1999 Whipple, Robert Visitor Profile of Volcan Masaya National Park, Nicaragua Ham MS
    1999 Lute, Chris Jansen Opinions About Natural Resources in Idaho: A Multiple Case Study to Identify and Compare Key Natural Resource Issues Among Tribal and Non-Tribal Groups Sanyal MS
    1998 Garcia, Laura Visitors Reactions to the Recreation Fee Pilot Program at Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument Ham MS
    1998 Gettinger, Dean Stanley Recreational Impacts to Wilderness Campsites at North Cascades National Park Krumpe MS
    1998 Hoffman, Christopher Y. Development and Application of Criteria as a Basis for Selecting Public Involvement Techniques Krumpe MS
    1998 Jakobsen, Christine Modeling the Communication Process in the Assessment Phase of the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project. McLaughlin MS
    1998 McGuire, Kevin Listening to Constituents: Human Dimension Inquiry and Findings - A Case Study Analysis on the Chumstick Watershed Sanyal MS
    1998 White, Dave Primal Hypotheses: The relationships between naturalness and solitude and human benefits from wilderness experience Hendee MS
    1997 Culp, Rocklyn Adolescent Girls and Outdoor Recreation: A Case Study Examining Barriers and Effective Programming Sanyal MS
    1997 McGuire, Kevin S. Listening to Constituents: Human Dimension Inquiry and Findings, A Case Study Analysis on the Chumstick Watershed Sanyal MS
    1997 Randall, Kathy The Role of Communications in the Adoption of Wetland Policy and Programs Hunt MS
    1997 Schantz, Heidi A. Comparing Forage Selection and Evaluating Trampling Impacts of Horses and Llamas in Wilderness Backcountry Meadows Krumpe MS
    1997 Wright, Michael Differentiating Motivations of Guided Versus Unguided Fly Fisherman in the Upper Missouri River Drainage of Southwestern Montana Sanyal MS
    1997 Yocum, Darren Project Fazio MS
    1996 Carranza, Mirna L. A Comparison of the Views Between Extensionists and Rural Community Leaders Toward Training Programs and Methodologies in Eastern Guatamala Ham MS
    1996 Cowles, Paul  Project Krumpe MS
    1996 Friese, Gregory An Inventory and Classification of Wilderness Experience Programs Hendee MS
    1996 Gager, Daniel Agency Policies and Wilderness Managers Attitudes Toward Wilderness Experience Programs Hendee MS
    1996 Griffith, Randy Scott Visitor Profile and Preferences of the Craig Mountain Management Area Krumpe MS
    1996 Matthews, Laurie Krumpe MS
    1996 Morten, Krista A Case Study of Potential Spatial and Temporal Displacement of Lakeside Campers in the Priest Lake Basin, Idaho Sanyal MS
    1996 Perez, Silvia Improving environmental Education Programs in El Salvador: Design of a Water Curriculum for Nonformal Environmental Education Lewis Nelson MS
    1996 Russell, Keith Potential Social and Economic Contributions of Wilderness Discovery as an Adjunct to the Federal Job Corps Program Hendee MS
    1996 Wall, Christopher Ecosystem and Community-Level Policies For Managing the Implementation of Ecosystem Management Harris MS
    1995 Achana, Francis T. Preferences and Characteristics of Selected U.S. Presidents Interested in Visiting Costa Rica on Vacation Hunt MS
    1995 Alamilla, Lisel Villagers Beliefs About Tourism in San Jose Succotz, Belize Hunt MS
    1995 Bales, Stefany Small Rural Community Autonomy Within the Columbia River Basin: A Correlation Study McLaughlin, Hunt MS
    1995 Baregala, Dasarathi Project; Development of a Computerized Information System for Tikal National Park Hunt MS
    1995 Boyd, Andrew The Effectiveness of Belief-based Communication on Low Impact Camping Behavior in the Sawtooth Wilderness Krumpe MS
    1995 Bustillo, Jaime The Use of Computer-Assisted Instruction and Expert Systems in Conservation Programs: Case of of Sustainable Agriculture Practices and Fresh Water Environmental Education Ham MS
    1995 Chacon, Carlos Improving Environmental Law Enforcement Through Education: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of an Environmental law Training Program in Costa Rica McLaughlin MS
    1995 Courrau, Jose The Creation of the National Service of Conservation Areas in Costa Rica: Positive and Negative Outcomes and Institutional Barriers Krumpe MS
    1995 Crystal, Loretta The Sos A Spiritual Opportunity Spectrum: Theory and Implications of the Spirit of Place for Ecosystem Management Harris MS
    1995 Dominguez, Suyapa Freshwater Conservation Through Environmental Education Programs for the 7th, 8th, and 9th Grades of Polytechnic Schools of Honduras McLaughlin MS
    1995 Furlan, Luis E. How You Can Improve Your Ecosystem Operation Hunt MS
    1995 Hoare, Anna D. Development of an Environmental Education Activity Guidebook for Belize Nelson MS
    1995 Jurado, Magali   MS
    1995 Leidner, Stuart R. Assessing Idaho Residents Attitudes Toward Tourism Development Hunt MS
    1995 Lopez, Magda Analysis of Characteristics and Opinions of Visitors to Tikal National Park Peten, Guatemala Harris MS
    1995 Maheia, William Case Study Addressing Tourism Needs in Maya Mountain Marine Area Transect Toledo District Belize Harris MS
    1995 McCoy, Lynn The Limits of Acceptable Change Planning System:  Applications and Adaptations Krump MS
    1995 Moncada, Zoila Status of Environmental Education at the Escuela Agricola Panamericana in Honduras MS
    1995 Pitstick, Randy Wilderness Discovery:  The Meaning and Effects of Seven Day Wilderness Experience Program for Youth at Risk in the Federal Job Corps Program Hendee PhD
    1995 Santizo, Claudia A Participatory Planning Process in Vista Hermosa Community Sierra De Las Minas Biosphere Reserve, Guatemala Fazio MS
    1995 Shuman, Dorothea Kunz Factors that Influence Commitment to Teaching Environmental Education: Development and Test of a Causal Model Ham PhD
    1995 Siddoway, Stephen Eugene The Recreation Site Planning Process in Five Different Organizations: A Comparative Multiple Case Study Sanyal, McLaughlin MS
    1995 Snyder, Gerry Development of an Interpretive Plan and Multimedia Module for the Gifford Pinchot National Forest Old Growth Forest Canopy Crane Project Ham MS
    1995 Spadafora, Rita  Radio Programs for Environmental Education in Darien National Park Panama Ham MS
    1995 Wall, Christopher J. Ecosystem and Community: Community-Level Policies for Managing the Implementation of Ecosystem Management Harris MS
    1995 Zamora, Natalia Environmental Radio Programs for Rural Communities in the Buffer Zone of Barra Honda National Park, Costa Rica Fazio MS
    1994 Chambers, Nina Analysis of a Conservation Corridor and Buffer Zone for the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park and the Port Antonio Marine Park (proposed) Ham MS
    1994 Charpentier, Claudia Barrier to Environmental Education in Costa Rican Universities: Theory, Analysis, and Recommendations for Intervention Programs Ham PhD
    1994 Harvey, M. Jeannie Perceptions of Tourism Development in Idaho: An Assessment by Gender and Level of Community Tourism Dependence Hunt MS
    1994 Henkel, William Lessons From Environmental Writing:  A Writers Portfolio Harris MS
    1994 Kim, Yongha The Attitudes of Korean Forestry Administration Employees Toward the New Environmental Paradigm and Forest Resource Management Issues: Do they differ from the United States Forest Service? McLaughlin MS
    1994 Larson, Thomas Galapagos Island Quarantine Education Media Project Ham MS
    1994 Lukas, Luke (Leo) To Conserve and Protect: Backcountry Law Enforcement Krumpe MS
    1994 Perin, Susan R. On-Site Visitor Information: A 1992 Study of the Riggins/Lower Salmon River Area of Idaho McLaughlin MS
    1994 Tynon, Joanne F. Qualitative Analysis of Quality Idaho Elk Hunting Experiences McLaughlin PhD
    1993 Chavez, Todd Socio-Demographics, Beliefs, and Attitudes of Residents Toward Tourism Development of Two Rural Idaho Communities Harris MS
    1993 Kruse, Natalie Harris MS
    1993 Markus, Danny Hendee MS
    1993 Merrill, Troy Recreation and Instream Flows McLaughlin MS
    1992 Brown, Greg The Changing Paradigm of National Forest Management Harris PhD
    1992 Medlin, Nancy C. Development of a Handbook for Evaluating Interpretive Services Ham MS
    1992 Otto, Mike Project Krumpe MS
    1992 Patterson, Mark A.  Development and Evaluation of a Computer Tutorial on Fire Ecology Krumpe MS
    1992 Vanderploeg, Mary Project Fazio MS
    1991 Brown, Jeff Harris MS
    1991 Dankel, Dave MS
    1991 Sanyal, Nick The Conceptual and Empirical Development of a Model of Hunting Pressure McLaughlin PhD
    1991 Sutherland, David Complied Field Materials: Interview Transcripts and Fieldnotes from Costa Rica Ham MS
    1991 Weesner, Margaret W. Relationships Between Campsite Characteristics and Level of Recreation Impact Krumpe MS
    1990 Dresser, Mary Project Fazio MS
    1990 Guse-Noritake, Judy R. Natural Resource Policy, An Amenity Resource Focus McLaughin MS
    1990 Hajib, Said Regional Forest Supervisors Opinions of Protected Area Management in Morocco McLaughlin MS
    1990 Heard, Stuart Curriculum Review of the Parks and Recreation Program at Lakeland College, Alberta McLaughlin MS
    1990 Tan, Caroline E. Developing, Implementing and Evaluating and Agency-Outfitter Partnership to Provide Information Service for Boaters on the Lower Salmon River in Idaho McLaughlin MS
    1990 Timko, Sharon Sources of Information Used by Leisure Travelers: Profiling by Trip and Sociodemographic Characteristics Harris MS
  • 1980-1989
    1989 Bajimaya, Shyam Communications Manual, A Guide to Aid Park and Protected Area Managers to Communicate Effectively with Local Residents Fazio MS
    1989 Bean, Mary MS
    1989 Browning, James Hendee MS
    1989 Castillo, Eugenia Lizbeth Situational Analysis for Environmental Education in Rural Honduran Elementary Schools Ham MS
    1989 Emmendorfer, Marianne Plan for the Conceptual and Thematic Reorganization of the Appaloosa Museum, Inc. MS
    1989 Milller, Tracy Harris MS
    1989 Ratcliffe, Robert T. The Relationship of River Managers Perception of Recreation Management Problems and the Content and Dissemination of Mailed, Pre-trip Information Fazio MS
    1989 Rundell, John The Idaho Rural Tourism Primer McLaughlin, Harris MS
    1989 York, Judith MS
    1987 Dragon, Carolyn Native American Underrepresentation in National Parks: Tests of the Marginality and Ethnicity Hypothesis Ham MS
    1987 Enrquez, Jamie R. A Proposed Methodology for Interpretive Planning in the National Parks and Similar Areas of Ecuador Ham MS
    1987 Hartmann, Robin Ham MS
    1987 Merigliano, Linda The Identification and Evaluation of Indicators to Monitor Wilderness Conditions Krumpe MS
    1987 Ng, Daniel Determining the Effects of Information Sources on Attendance at Interpretive Programs Krumpe MS
    1987 Noel, Diane MS
    1987 Rawhouser, Deborah K. Cooperative Research on the Lower Salmon River to Monitor Recreation Uses and the Evaluate the Effectiveness of Information/Education Programs in Reducing Recreation Impacts Harris MS
    1986 Kocis, Susan M. The Adoption and Diffusion of Methods for Estimating Recreation Use in the Pacific Northwest Region of the U.S. Forest Service McLaughlin MS
    1986 Rellergert, Mary Ham MS
    1986 Sewing, Daphne Ham MS
    1986 Soderstrom, L. Magnus G. Descriptive Study of Visitors at Oulanka National Park in Finland McLaughlin MS
    1985 Bedigan, Deena Sivart The Role and Potential of Short-Term Exhibits in Natural History and Science Museums, A Literature Review (and) A Survey of The Role and Potential of Short-Term Exhibits in Natural History and Science Museums
    1985 Feldman, Murray State River Conservation Programs and Natural Resource Policy Implementation McLaughlin MS
    1985 Young, Bruce Krumpe MS
    1984 Salvi, William C. An Analysis of the Relationships Between Gender, Sex Roles, and Desired Psychology Outcomes From Participating in Recreation McLaughlin MS
    1985 Sanyal, Nick The Lostine Canyon Project: Theoretical and Applied Utilization of a Common Data Base McLaughlin MS
    1984 Tichnell, David L. Threats to the Worlds Parks: A Preliminary Evaluation Machlis MS
    1984 VanEvery, Mark E. Mapping Interpretive Services: Development, Application and Improvement of a Technique Machlis MS
    1983 Baldwin, Sara B. Public Relations with Researchers: An Evaluative Test Krumpe MS
    1983 Bone, Sharon Lee Interpretive Media Package for Orientation to the Colorado Outdoor Education Center Fazio MS
    1983 Chickering, Donna K. Rural-Urban Differences in Environmental Concern: An Examination of the Environmental Degradation Hypothesis Machlis MS
    1983 Elder, Ellen MS
    1982 Cockrell, David E. Motivation, Satisfaction, and Social Influence in the Wild River Recreation McLaughlin PhD
    1982 Ham, Sam H. Familiarity and Adaptation: A Study of Family Attendance at Interpretive Activities
    Fazio PhD
    1982 Langseth, Randall D. School Camps and Environmental Education in the Inland Northwest: A Descriptive Analysis Fazio MS
    1982 Post, Kenneth Lee Human and Bear Movement, Activity and Interaction at Pack Creek Alaska Krumpe MS
    1981 Convverse, Richard Seawell Outdoor Recreation Experience Preferences and Environmental Concern: An Exploratory Study Krumpe MS
    1981 Mindick, Robert Richard A Survey of the Current Use of Information and Education Within Natural Resource Management Agencies Fazio MS
    1981 Paradice, WEJ Cognitive Representations of the Natural Environment McLaughlin PhD
    1981 Post, Ann MS
    1981 Tai, Doris Barbara An Evaluation of the Use and Effectiveness of Two Types of Interpretive Trail Media in Yellowstone National Park Fazio MS
    1980 deReus, Judith Citizen Participation in the Land Use Planning Process: Development and Use Suitability Criteria for Locating Subdivisions in Valley County, Idaho McLaughlin MS
    1980 George, Marc Paul Using Social-Demographic Information as a Guide for the Selection of Techniques for Exchanging Ideas Between Natural Resource Users and Managers McLaughlin MS
    1980 Ripp, Michael Louis Preference for Outdoor Recreation Activities by the Paired Comparison Method Hoffman MS
    1980 Sharp, Martin Keith Wilderness Evaluation Approaches of the Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service: A Survey Research Comparison Krumpe MS
    1980 Stamm, Don MS
    1980 Warren, Gregory A. Activities, Attitudes and Management Preferences of Visitors of the Arctic National Wildlife Range, Alaska Hoffman MS
  • 1970-1979
    1979 Guevara, I. Gin The Sequential Application of the IMGRID Spatial Analysis Program and the Goal Linear Optimization Program to Address Multiple Use Planning and Management McLaughlin MS
    1979 Miles, Thomas Arthur An Evaluative Comparison of Single and Dissolve Slide Presentation Techniques Fazio MS
    1979 Tomlins, Frederick Leon An Analysis of the Users of Schweitzer Basin Ski Area and Their Reasons for Choosing to Ski There Hoffman MS
    1978 Belli, Lawrence A. Survey of Nonconsumptive Wildlife Users in Idaho Fazio MS
    1978 Hartung, John Wiley Documentation of Historical Resources in the Idaho Primitive Area, Big Creek Drainage Fazio MS
    1978 Mitchell, Clifford McLaughlin MS
    1978 Pillsbury, Diane MS
    1978 Wooden, Rebecca Ann Measurement of Public Preference for Proposed Landscape Modifications McLaughlin MS
    1977 Bramlette, William Communication Characteristics and Knowledge Levels of Selway-Bitteroot Wilderness Users Fazio MS
    1977 Ferguson, Andrew MS
    1977 Propst, Dennis B. A Master Plan for the Matiska Boat Launch Site; The Attitudes and Perceptions of Idaho Off Road Vehicle Users and Managers Ivins MS
    1976 Atkins, James Jackson Recreation Use and User Preferences at Big Meadow Creek Recreation Area, University of Idaho Experimental Forest Fazio MS
    1976 Brown, Carl A Natural History of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Lesson Plans for Teacher Training Workshops and Classroom Slide Shows
    1975 Edelblute, Bill MS
    1975 Morre, Thomas MS
    1975 Pope, Clem MS