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The Department of
Sociology & Anthropology

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Department of
Sociology & Anthropology
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Anthropological Dig site at Kelly Creek, Idaho

Anthropology, M.A.

Only the thesis option for the MA degree in anthropology is available. Course work will include either 30 credits plus a foreign language (or language other than the student's native language) proficiency examination or 36 credits and no foreign language requirement. Students who as undergraduates did not take at least one course in each of the four subfields of anthropology and a course in statistics will be required to do so (in consultation with an advisor) at the beginning of their graduate programs.

In general, no graduate credit will be awarded for courses taken to satisfy such deficiencies. Graduate students must demonstrate competence in each of the four subfields of anthropology. The M.A. core, along with the 3 expected undergraduate preparation (or courses taken as deficiencies as a graduate student), are designed for this purpose.

The core of the M.A. program consists of Anthropology 420, 510, 511, 521, and 530. Students who have already received credit for 420 or an equivalent will not need to retake it. Students who have received credit for 410, 411, or 430, or who have taken equivalent courses elsewhere, will substitute appropriate courses for 510, 511, or 530 with approval from their advisor. The remaining credits will be distributed among courses in supporting fields (at least 6 credits) and anthropology electives. Both the 30 and 36 credit M.A. program must include at least 6, but no more than 10, thesis credits, though more than 10 credits of thesis may be taken.

A minimum of 18 credits must be at the 500 level. Anthropology courses must be at the 400 or 500 levels, while supporting courses can include 300 level. No more than 12 credits can be transferred from other institutions and an official copy of the student’s transcripts from each institution must be on file in the Registrar’s Office. Such institutions must have a graduate program and the work taken for graduate credit.