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Diverse group of professionals

Diversity and Stratification Certificate

The Department of Sociology & Anthropology at the University of Idaho offers an Academic Certificate in Diversity and Stratification. The interdisciplinary certificate program provides an avenue for students, professionals and community members to obtain comprehensive, university-centered diversity training and learning through classroom, online, workshop, internship and service learning formats.

The program requires the completion of twelve credits of study focusing on issues of diversity and stratification distributed between an academic exploration component and an application component. Because students select from a range of courses, an array of workshops, and a variety of experiential alternatives, the program offers flexibility for participants to tailor their program to their specific field of study while acquiring skills and knowledge applicable to any workplace environment. Upon completion of the program, the certificate acknowledges competency in understanding a broad range of diversity issues and an ability to apply that understanding to the workplace and in social life.


Students complete a total of 12 or more credits distributed between the Academic Exploration and the Application components

Academic Exploration Component: Participants take at least 6 credits in this category, including Soc/Anth 301 (required) and one or two courses chosen from the list of focus courses

  • Soc/Anth 301: Introduction to Diversity and Stratification (3 cr.). All participants must take this course because it provides a foundation for understanding the history, process, and dimensions of diversity and stratification in the U.S. and the global arena
  • Focus Course(s): Participants select one or more courses from the following list of diversity focused courses (3-6 cr.). The focus courses provide intensive engagement with critical theory, empirical research, cultural diversity and/or issues of human conflict.
  • Soc 422 Religion, Culture & Society
    • Soc 423 Social Stratification
    • Soc 424 Sociology of Gender
    • Soc/Anth 427 Racial and Ethnic Relations
    • Anth 462 Human Issues in International Development
    • Anth 220 Peoples of the World
    • Anth 329 North American Indians
    • JS 422 Inequalities in the Justice System
    • Psy 315 Psychology of Women
    • Comm 410 Conflict Management
    • Comm 335 Intercultural Communication
    • Comm 432 Gender and Communication
    • Comm 491 Communication and Aging
    • JAMM 340 Cultural Diversity in the Media
    • JAMM 449 Media Criticism
    • JAMM 490 Global Media

Application Component: Participants take at least 3 credits in this category and can apply up to 6 credits toward the Certificate of Completion.

  • Soc/Anth 203/403 Workshop (1-2 cr. each). Workshop topics vary.
  • Experiential Learning (0-3 cr.). This includes diversity-focused internships, service learning, or a field school in the student's field of study. Participants can apply up to three credits of experiential learning toward the certificate requirements. Must be approved by coordinators.