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Unit Safety Committee Policy Statement

The College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) Unit Safety Committee is committed to accident prevention in order to protect the safety and health of all our staff and students. Injury and illness losses due to hazards are costly and preventable; this unit safety committee has been established to help prevent these losses. Employee involvement in accident prevention and support of the unit safety committee members and activities are necessary to ensure a safe and healthful workplace.

The purpose of our unit safety committee is to review and analyze safety reports and recommend strategies for improvement, enhance communication and cooperation between the faculty and staff within our unit, and foster a nonadversarial, cooperative effort to promote safety and health in the workplace.

The committee shall consist of six faculty, staff, or administrative representatives appointed by the CLASS dean. The CLASS administrative and fiscal operations director shall serve permanently as an ex-officio member and secretary. Members will serve a continuous term of three years, starting in the fall semester. Members will select a chair to preside at meetings. Chair terms will be one academic year, renewable. The committee will determine meeting frequency, times, and locations.

Extent of Authority
The unit safety committee advises the dean, in writing, on issues that will promote safety and health in the workplace. The dean will give serious consideration to the recommendations submitted and will respond in writing to the unit safety committee in a timely manner.

This unit safety committee is intended to be a forum that can identify and resolve safety concerns and a tool to help manage the college's safety program. The committee is charged and supported by the dean to solicit concerns and ideas, address and/or coordinate solutions to safety problems, evaluate accidents and incidents that occur within the college to assist in determining their causes and appropriate corrective actions that might be taken to prevent similar occurrences, help assess and audit the college's compliance with safety requirements and initiatives, provide a conduit to distribute information, and act as the liaison with the University's Safety and Loss Control Committee and the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Meeting Minutes and Recommendations
The committee will give the dean a copy of the minutes from each meeting in a timely manner. Copies of the minutes should also be posted on the college website. All recommendations submitted to the dean should provide reasons for implementation, benefits that will be gained, and to the extent possible, an estimate of implementation costs and recommended completion target dates. 

Andrew Kersten, Dean