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Psychology & Communications Studies
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100-300 Level Psychology Courses


Psyc 101 Introduction to Psychology
(3 cr) (C). May be used as core credit in J-3-e.
Intro to psychology topics, including sensation and perception, learning and thinking, motivation, personality and adjustment, social processes, psychological testing; emphasis on fundamental principles.

Psyc 200 (s) Seminar (credits arranged). Prereq: permission

Psyc 201 Survey of Contemporary Psychology (1 cr)   Prereq or Coreq: Psyc 101
Introduces students to the psychology major, the psychology faculty, and current research in psychology. Each week a different faculty member will discuss the history, methods, major findings, and recent developments in his or her main areas of study.

Psyc 203 (s) Workshop (credits arranged). Prereq: permission

Psyc 204 (s) Special Topics (credits arranged). Prereq: permission

Psyc 218 Introduction to Research in the Behavioral Sciences (4 cr). Prereq or Coreq: Stat 251
Primarily for majors in psychology. Logic and method of empirical research in the behavioral sciences; design, execution, and reporting of psychological experimentation and research. Three lectures and one 2-hr lab a week.

Psyc 299 (s) Directed Study
(credits arranged). Prereq: permission


Psyc 305 Developmental Psychology (3 cr) (C). Prereq: Psyc 101 or Ed 301
Conception through late adolescence; genetics, anatomy, physiology, biological changes during development, learning, socialization, cognition, and personality.  Instructor: Jamie Nekich

Psyc 310 Psychology of Personality
(3 cr) (C).
Theories of personality, basic concepts, techniques of measurement, and experimental methods; the normal personality. Psyc 310 Web Page  Instructor: Kenneth Locke

Psyc 311 Abnormal Psychology (3 cr) (C).
Nature, causes, treatment, and prevention of patterns of emotional disturbances and personality disorders, including neuroses and psychoses.  Instructor: Mark Yama

Psyc 315 Psychology of Women
(3 cr).
This course will cover the empirical research regarding gender differences in domains that are of particular interest to women.  These topics will include but not be limited to women in the workplace, cognitive and socialization differences, work-family issues, sexuality, childhood, adolescence, motherhood, identity, and intimate relationships.  Instructor:  Traci Craig

Psyc 320 Introduction to Social Psychology (3 cr) (C)
Theories, concepts, and research on the social bases of behavior and social interaction; topics of personal and social relevance, aggression, prejudice, altruism and helping behavior, interpersonal attraction, behavior in groups, conformity, attitudes, authoritarianism, and obedience to authority.
Psyc 320 Web Page   Instructor: Traci Craig

Psyc J325/J525 Cognitive Psychology
(3 cr). Prereq: Psyc 218 or permission
Survey and analysis of major topics in field; emphasis on contemporary research and theory; related topics in perception, memory, and information processing and transformation. Additional projects/assignments required for graduate credit.
Psyc 325 Page  Instructor: Steffen Werner

Psyc J330/ J530 Human Sexuality
(3 cr) (C).
Introduction to the fundamentals of human sexuality; emphasis on current trends and research. Additional projects/assignments required for graduate credit. Psyc 330 Page  Instructor: Kenneth Locke

Psyc J345/J545 Group Dynamics
(3 cr).
This course will cover the empirical research regarding group dynamics, including topics of leadership, cohesion, team building, statistical analyses of group level data, problem solving, group mood, group creativity, transactive memory, information processing, and other small group processes.  Additional projects/assignments required for graduate credit.  Instructor:  Traci Craig

Psyc 347 Survey of Helping Professions (3 cr).
Survey of the helping professions involving psychological assistance, including clinical, counseling, school, social work, psychiatric nursing, chaplaincy/ministerial, non-traditional helpers, and peer helpers.  Analysis of counseling methods, psychological testing, outcome studies, and professional issues.  Instructor:  Alan Whitlock

Psyc 372 Physiological Psychology (3 cr). Prereq: Psyc 101, and Biol 102 or higher
Physiological bases of animal and normal human behavior.
Dist. Education: Web Instructor: Steve Meier

Psyc 390 Psychology of Learning
(3 cr). Prereq: Psyc 218
Experimental literature of the nature and conditions of classical and operant conditioning, verbal learning, and cognition. Psych 390 Page  Instructor: Steve Meier