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Psychology & Communications Studies

Physical Address:
Student Health Center (832 Ash St.)
2nd Floor & Basement
PHONE: (208) 885-6324
FAX:(208) 885-7710


Mailing Address:
Psychology & Communications Studies
c/o University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3043
Moscow, ID 83844-3043

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Courses Offered as Distance Courses 
(Note: Some of our graduate courses are also offered through Engineering Outreach

Psyc 404 Religion (3 cr). 

Psyc 419 Adult Development and Aging (3 cr).
Analysis of intellectual and memory changes with aging; diagnosis of senile dementia and pseudodementia; study of psychological problems of aging, plasticity of functioning, and ingredients of successful aging. Instructor: Jamie Nekich

Psyc 444 Sensation and Perception (3 cr). Prereq: Psyc 218.
Fundamental processes and variables in sensory, perceptual, and cognitive experiences of humans. Instructor: Brian Dyre

Psyc 446 Engineering Psychology (3 cr). Prereq: Psyc 218 or Stat 301 or permission 
Application of principles of experimental psychology to analysis of interaction of the human operator with machine systems and work environments; emphasis on psychological aspects of human performance. Instructor: Brian Dyre

Psyc J450/J550 Training and Performance (3 cr). Prereq: Psyc 218 or permission Review of theory and methods related to training and performance in the workplace. Includes such topics as needs assessment, learning and motivational issues, evaluation procedures, instructional techniques, managerial training, and special training topics related to organizations. Instructor: Todd Thorsteinson

Psyc 456 Psychology of Emotion (3 cr). Theories of emotion; biological and social variables influencing the activation of emotion. Instructor: Benjamin Barton

Psyc 512 Research Methods (3 cr). Prereq: Psyc 218 or equivalent, or permission Philosophy of research, types of design, data analysis, research report. Instructor: Russell Jackson

Psyc 513 Advanced Research Methods (3 cr). Prereq: permission
Types of research designs and data analyses; use of mainframe computer packages for data analysis. Instructor: Todd Thorsteinson

Psyc 552 Ergonomics and Biomechanics (3 cr).
Principles of anthropometry, biomechanics, and work physiology applied to workplace.

Psyc 561 Human-Computer Interaction (3 cr). Prereq: Psyc 325, Psyc 444, ME 409, or permission
Provides an overview of human-computer interaction (HCI) topics including: user models, dialog, display design, usability, software development, groupware, and multimedia. Instructor: Steffen Werner

Psyc 562 Advanced Human Factors (3 cr). Prereq: ME 409, Psyc 446, Psyc 586 or Stat 401, or permission
Reviews topics and theories germane to human factors such as: performance measurement systems, design specifications, research issues, controls and displays, human reliability, and illumination.