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Political Science Department

Physical Address:
Administration Bldg. #205
PHONE: (208) 885-6328
FAX: (208) 885-5102

Mailing Address:
Political Science Department
c/o University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 5102
Moscow, ID 83844-3165

The James A. and Louise McClure Center for Public Policy Research
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PolS 101 Introduction to Political Science and American Government (3 cr)
May be used as core credit in J-3-d. Introduction to the study of politics focusing on basic concepts, processes, and institutions; emphasis on government and politics of the U.S. examined in comparative perspective; probable topics include nature of constitutional democracy, ideology, parties and elections, and formation of public policy.

PolS C152 Politics and Pollution (1 cr)
Political, government, and administrative aspects of overcoming air, water, and other types of pollution of our environment.

PolS 200 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

PolS 203 (s) Workshop (cr arr)

PolS 204 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

PolS 205 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 cr)
May be used as core credit in J-3-d. Basic structures, patterns, and sociocultural environment of foreign political systems; includes case studies of the government and politics in selected countries.

PolS 235 Political Research Methods and Approaches (3 cr)
Introduction to the study of politics, including scope of the discipline, principal fields, research design, and methods of political research and analysis.

PolS 237 International Politics (3 cr)
Survey of approaches used to describe and explain conflict and cooperation among states in the international system; special emphasis on games of strategic interaction.

PolS 275 American State and Local Government (3 cr)
May be used as core credit in J-3-d. American state and local politics from a comparative perspective; focus on parties, interest groups, voting behavior, legislative and executive government, judiciary, intergovernmental relations, and public policies.

PolS 299 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)
Graded Pass/Fail.
Prereq: Permission

PolS 331 American Political Parties and Elections (3 cr)
Development and present character of American political parties and of electoral system, functions of parties in periods of relative consensus and of critical choice regarding fundamental principles, party reform, and future prospects for party system.

PolS 332 American Congress (3 cr)
Roles and functions of Congress in the American political system, theories of representation, recruitment of legislators, Congressional organization and behavior, power structure, relationship to the executive, courts, interest groups, and public.

PolS 333 American Political Culture (3 cr)
Relation of public opinion and political action and affiliation to broad economic, social, religious, and intellectual developments.

PolS 335 American Interest Groups & Social Movements (3 cr)
Study of American interest groups, lobbying, campaign finance, grassroots political activism, and social movements including the American civil rights, anti-war and environmental activism movements.

PolS 338 American Foreign Policy (3 cr)
May be used as core credit in J-3-d. Analysis of how key decision makers, such as the President and Congress, convert inputs from the international, national, and societal systems into foreign policy outputs.

PolS 360 Law and Society (3 cr)
Overview of legal reasoning and functions of law in society; emphasis on capacity of law to affect social change as well as ways in which law responds to social change.

PolS 364 Politics of the Environment (3 cr)
Same as CSS 364. Political factors that influence formation, implementation, and impact of public policies aimed at protecting the environment.

PolS 380 Canadian Political System (3 cr)
General examination of Canadian cultural identity, constitutional principles, federalism, govt structure, political process, and electoral behavior.

PolS 381 Western European Politics (3 cr)
Examination of political processes in Western European parliamentary systems; topics include parties and elections, coalition formation