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Lionel Hampton School of Music

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Bassoon Studio

Bassoon Studio

The Lionel Hampton School of Music has approximately 220 students and 23 full-time faculty.  As your bassoon professor, I am available to you five days a week (and most weekends too!). In addition to bassoon lessons (one hour per week for majors and 45 minutes per week for non-majors), you will also have bassoon studio class or reed class once a week (optional for non-majors).

Studio Class 
- You will prepare for orchestral auditions and/or graduate school, discuss different techniques (tonguing, breath support, alternate fingerings, high register, etc.), learn the contrabassoon, explore electric bassoon and play bassoon ensemble music. You will also play for your peers.  It is a great learning experience and a lot of fun too! 

Reed Class - In addition to making reeds using our state-of-the art reed-making equipment, you will also learn to fine tune your reeds so that they will respond the way you would like them to.  

Undergraduate auditions:
  • Complete Music School Application
  • Audition by the last weekend in February for priority consideration for admission and scholarships
  • All major scales- two octaves (three if possible)
  • An etude that is representative of your level of technique, range and expression
  • One or more solo works (movements) of your choice. Consult your State Solo List for appropriate selections

Graduate auditions:

  • All major scales and all forms of minor scales - two octaves 
    (three for Bb - Eb)
  • An etude that is representative of your level of technique, range and expression
  • Two or more solo works (movements) of your choice


Guidelines for Undergraduate Admission and Standards for Upper Division and Undergraduate Recitals

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