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Lionel Hampton School of Music

Physical Address:
Corner of Blake & W. Sweet Ave.
PHONE: 208-885-6231
FAX: 208-885-7254

Mailing Address:
Lionel Hampton School of Music
c/o University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4015
University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844-4015


Grades and FERPA
Per Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations faculty may not post grades or leave students’ graded reports or projects in public places.  Mid-term and final grades must be submitted on or before the deadlines that are published by the Registrar (Academic Calendar).

Grades - Incomplete policy
(from 2008-09 Catalog)
F-1. A grade of "Incomplete" is assigned only when the student has been in attendance and has done passing work up to a time within three weeks of the close of the semester, or within one week of the close of the summer session. It may be assigned only upon agreement of the student and course instructor when extenuating circumstances make it impossible for the student to complete course requirements on time (Extenuating circumstances include serious illness, car accidents, death of a family member, etc. It does not include lateness due to procrastination, the student’s desire to do extra work to raise his/her grade, allowing a student to retake the course, etc.). Graduate students on probation, see College of Graduate Studies section on Probation, Disqualification, and Reinstatement (Part 4). If a grade of "Incomplete" is submitted, the instructor will assign a reversion grade in the event the missing work is not completed. The instructor must also specify conditions and requirements for completing the deficient work, as well as any deadline shorter than the maximum time period allowed in F-2. At the end of each semester, the Registrar’s Office will send an Incomplete Grade Report (IGR) to departmental administrators detailing every I grade submitted by their faculty that semester and the conditions for student completion.

F-2. Completion of "Incomplete" Grades.
Final grades for incompletes received in the Fall semester or Intersession, must be assigned by the last day of the following Summer semester. Final grades for incompletes received in the Spring semester or Summer Session, must be assigned by the last day of the following Fall semester. When a student has completed the deficient work, the instructor will assign a final grade. An incomplete that is not completed within the time limit specified above would automatically be changed to the reversion grade assigned by the instructor at the time the incomplete was submitted. Instructors may assign a final grade anytime within the time period specified above. In the event the instructor leaves the university, the departmental administrator may assign the final grade. An incomplete remains on the student’s permanent record and is accompanied by the final grade (i.e. I/A, I/B, I/C).

Grades – Freshmen Early Warning and Midterm Grades
It is important to enter freshman early warning grades for freshmen (and in reality, all students) who have poor attendance and/or poor grades. The Freshmen Early Warning and Midterm Grades system triggers reports which then are used to intercede if a student is struggling. 

If a student is enrolled in the wrong course or in the wrong section or wrong level of lessons, give them an "F" for Freshmen Early Warning and midterms.  This grade does not show up on their final transcript and will serve as a wake-up call that they need to take action to get into the correct course.