Contact & Location


Lionel Hampton School of Music

Physical Address:
Corner of Blake & W. Sweet Ave.
PHONE: 208-885-6231
FAX: 208-885-7254

Mailing Address:
Lionel Hampton School of Music
c/o University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4015
University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844-4015

LHSOM Mission, Goals and Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lionel Hampton School of Music is to serve as a nationally recognized school of choice for undergraduate and graduate music students and to function as an academic unit within the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences offering comprehensive studies in music for all students. 

(Revised and adopted September 2014) 

Goals Statements

As a means of fulfilling its mission, the Lionel Hampton School of Music will: 
  1. Cultivate a faculty recognized nationally for excellence who are dedicated to teaching, musical performance, scholarly activities, and service.
  2. Offer comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs in music to ensure that students become lifetime advocates for and participants in music, are prepared for musical and intellectual growth, and are equipped with insights and skills necessary for success.
  3. Identify and recruit promising musicians and offer programs that prepare them for evolving professional opportunities.
  4. Advance the art of music through performance, teaching, scholarship, and interdisciplinary activities.
  5. Offer courses and programs to non-music majors, including opportunities to participate in musical activities. 
  6. Contribute to cultural life locally, nationally, and internationally through performances of the highest quality.
  7. Assist K-12 students and their teachers in the state and region by:
a) Developing effective and innovative music education programs; b) Encouraging musicians to develop their creative abilities; c) Providing workshops, clinics, and other resources to assist in the improvement of musical and pedagogical skills; d) Serving in musical events as clinicians, conductors, performers, and adjudicators.
   8. The School will maintain viable and diverse enrollments in its undergraduate and graduate programs through a
balance of high standards, active recruitment, and strategic retention efforts.  

 (Revised and adopted September 2014) 

Vision Statement
The Lionel Hampton School of Music will be musically comprehensive and nationally recognized, providing a learning environment in which our students perform, analyze, teach, and create music. Faculty will inspire students to be intellectually curious, motivated learners who achieve high scholastic and artistic goals. Together, faculty and students will cultivate an atmosphere of professional awareness, mutual support, collaboration, and outreach to ensure success in evolving occupational and cultural conditions.  

(Revised and adopted September 2014)