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Lionel Hampton School of Music
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LHSOM Faculty Advisors FAQs

University of Idaho Academic Advising FAQs


  • Class Piano - if a student has completed MusA 246 Class Piano, then we customarily waive MusA 145, 146 and 245 using a Degree Audit Course Substitution form.
  • Adding students to advisee list - if a student isn’t listed as your advisee, you can add them to your advisee list, and you can remove their advising hold. Ask them for their student ID. To add to advisee list:
-Faculty & Advisors Menu
-Advising List
-Select Term
-Add Student ID
  • Course conflicts with Convocation – if a student has a course conflict with Convocation, they can still take the course IF the studio instructor allows them to miss the Thursday area recitals and studio classes. They need to attend the 10 recitals to pass. Students need to fill out the Convocation Excused Absence form and get their instructor’s signature. Instructors may require the students to make up the absences.
  • Prereq for MusH 111 Introduction to Music Literature – Music Theory I is a prereq for MusH 111.  Students who have a strong piano background and/or theory background are normally allowed into the course.  Contact Barry Bilderback if you have questions.


  • AP credits – if a student thinks they will get AP credits in English, then have them sign up for the appropriate English class based on their ACT/SAT score AND a back-up General Education course (usually math, humanities or social sciences are good options). If they think they will have AP social sciences, they should not register for social science.
  • AP Theory – Dan Bukvich does not accept AP Theory in place of Theory I.  If a student has not taken the test yet, and they know they are coming here, I suggest that they don’t take the test to save money.  The AP Theory class is excellent preparation for college theory, so there time will not have been wasted.
  • Changing majors - if a prospective student wants to change majors, you don’t need to do a Change of Curriculum Form. Just e-mail with the following information:
Student Name
Student ID
DROP: Degree & Major
ADD: Degree & Major


  • Studio instruction - in general, transfer students will come in taking MusA 115 lessons. This helps fulfill requirements on degree audit AND gives faculty a semester to assess students’ ability. It is not a disadvantage to be in MusA 115.
  • Transfer credits for lessons
    • We normally accept one-hour lessons, no matter the number of credits – 1, 2, 3 or 4 cr. You may need to do course substitutions in the fall.
    • If student took 30-minute lessons, then they either have to make up the deficiency or petition to allow fewer credits to count.
    • UDS - if student wants to take 300-level lessons in the first semester, then they must take UDS within first three weeks. Students need to contact studio instructor right away to develop a plan for UDS. See also
  • Transfer credit for MusH courses
    • If students have taken courses that appear to be equivalent to MusH 321, 322 or 323, but did not have an introduction course like MusH 101 or 111, then we DO NOT make them retake MusH 111. We normally allow them to take a 400-level MusH elective, but they need to have at least 12 credits of MusH credits (9 of which should be upper division) or however many MusH credits required in their major. Contact Carol Padgham Albrecht for help with determining equivalencies and proposed coursework.
  • Transfer credit for theory and aural skills
    • Required Diagnostic Exam - Students are required to take a theory and aural skills diagnostic test. The goal of this exam is to advise transfer students regarding deficiencies in their prior theory training:  The exam is given during the first week of classes each semester, as needed.  Study guides are available at
    • Students who transfer with only one semester of Music Theory normally struggle with Music Theory II at U-Idaho, unless they are a pianist or have strong theory background.  We normally encourage them to retake or audit Theory I before taking Theory II.
  • Convocation
    • Students who were music majors but did not have a convocation requirement at their school are required to take convocation until their degree is completed.  We do not require them to stay longer to complete the seven semester requirement.  When they apply for graduation, the remaining semesters should be waived.
    • If a student had a convocation requirement, but it was not a separate course that shows up on their transcript, we will waive up to three semesters of convocation in recognition of their requirement.
    • Transfer students are required to take four semesters of MusX 140 Convocation at U-Idaho. 


  • Class piano
    • If a student has completed MusA 146 Class Piano (or MusA 245 or 246), then we customarily waive MusA 145. However, they still need to meet 27 credit music requirement, unless they petition to waive the credit.
    • If a student has completed MusA 245 and/or 246 Class Piano, then you would complete a course substitution form to substitute MusA 245/246 for MusA 146 and to waive MusA 145. However, they still need to meet 27 credit music requirement, unless they petition to waive the credit.
  • Studio instruction - we automatically allow 2- 3 credit lessons to count towards MusA 114 (1 semester 2 – 3 cr lessons = 1 semester MusA 114). If a student would like their 2 – 3 credit lessons to count towards the total number of credits required (4 credits), then they will need to complete a Standards Petition form. They should get a note of support from the studio instructor.

revised February 22, 2012