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Study Abroad 2014

African flags with the text IS: 370 African Community, Culture, and Music

Only 12 spots available!
Open to faculty, students, staff, community members and alumni
*Interdisciplinary Research Opportunities

Three-week Experience! Program Dates

East Africa: May 20 - May 29, 2014 West Africa: May 29 - June 10, 2014

Program Overview

"We want to build a sense of community as a group and to be a part of the communities we visit in Eastern and Western Africa." - Barry Bilderback

This African experience includes three weeks of travel, experiential learning, and academic instruction through (but not limited to): Savannah and Serengeti safaris, academic tours, socio-historic sites, cultural and village performances, ceremonies, festivities, drum and dance lessons, living with extended family, and countless cultural exchanges.     All academic majors are welcome - variable credits.

Students on the beach in GhanaWestern Portion
Located in Nungua, a Ghanaian fishing and coastal village, the world renowned Kusun Cultural Centre will be the homebase for this portion of the experience. While living as a local, participants will learn African drumming and dance with an emphasis on the traditions originating with the Ga community and ethnic group. Participants will also experience daily Ghanaian life, the Homowo and Odada agrarian festivals, and a visit to the Volta Region including a Traditional Kpeve Afrikania Worship Ceremony led by Hunor Gatukpe Dogah, High Priest for the Kpeve Village.

Eastern Portion
In this section of the experience participants will be largely “nomadic,” experiencing the countries of Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. Participants will explore both tourist and cultural sites, travel within airconditioned vehicles, and stay in hotels of at least a three star rating. Through this patchwork of experiences participants will begin to understand both the realities and misconceptions present within the common Western understanding of East Africa.

Program Fees: $4,910  (Includes all accommodations, meals, cultural guides, ceremonies, field trips, excursions, entrance fees, academic instruction and training.)
Tuition, airfare, and personal expenses are the responsibility of the participant and will vary.
Other: $200 Non-refundable UI Deposit/Application Fee

Application & Deposit Deadline: Friday, December 6, 2013

Learn more about this program by contacting: 
Professor Barry Bilderback at  OR Colton Oliphant at  

Music student drumming with a drummer from GhanaStudent Testimonials

Fiona C. Christenson, Psychology Major (2010 Trip)
“I thought I had a good idea of the knowledge I would gain from this trip, but was completely ‘blown away’ by how much more Ghana had to offer. Not only did I learn a great deal about Ghana’s social structure, music, history, and culture, but in observing and interacting with my newfound Ghanaian friends, I learned a great deal about myself. My three-week adventure to Ghana provided me with an insight which can be applied to all of my studies at the university as well to the way I personally choose to live life.“

Dara Wilson, Percussion, Performance Major (2010 Trip)
“I came out of the experience with so much more than I bargained for. I was affected tremendously by the Ghanaians connectivity, communal values, and importance of spirituality, and overall love for life. I discovered that the Ghana experience would forever change my outlook on life and ignite a passion to share this spirit with other people, especially through music.”

Courtney Mustello, English Major (2011 Trip)
“Traveling to Ghana wasn’t a vacation. It was an experience; an experience that had a major impact of the way I now see myself and others.”

Megan Augustn, Sociology Major, (2012 Trip)
“Simply put, from my time in Ghana I now see and understand my own culture in a way I never would have otherwise.”