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Lionel Hampton School of Music

Physical Address:
Corner of Blake & W. Sweet Ave.
PHONE: 208-885-6231
FAX: 208-885-7254

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Lionel Hampton School of Music
c/o University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 4015
University of Idaho
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Graduate Diagnostic Placement Examination

These examinations are intended to aid the supervisory committee in determining the student's background in music theory, aural skills, and music history so that the results may be used in making a study plan.

Entering graduate students take two examinations, one in music theory and another in music history and literature, to show baccalaureate-level competence. The exams are typically scheduled on the Saturday preceding the beginning of the Fall semester. It is the responsibility of the student to arrive on campus in time to take the placement exams.  Students must demonstrate such competency in both subject areas, either by passing the exam or taking specified remedial courses, before enrollment in any 500-level course of that particular subject area. Students who do not take the exams (for any reason) may not enroll in any 500-level subject areas covered by the placement examinations until the exams have been completed.

Study guides for the music theory and music history placement exams are available here:

Graduate Diagnostic Placement Examination Study Guides
(Download PDF)