Current Students


All courses listed on the student’s study plan must be passed with a grade of B or higher in order to satisfy the requirements for the graduate degree in music.  Please consult with the Graduate Coordinator for more details concerning this policy.

  • MusX 511 Bibliography and Research is a prerequisite to 500-level history courses.
  • MusC 521 Musical Analysis is a prerequisite to 500-level theory courses.
  • Active graduate students must enroll for at least one hour of graduate-level credit in any semester when university faculty or facility resources are being utilized.  This is also true for any semester(s) in which the student is preparing a recital, conducting thesis research or taking the oral exam.
  • A full-time enrollment includes at least 9 credit hours.  The maximum is 16 credits excluding audited courses.
  • All graduate students must meet the annual enrollment standard of a minimum of 1 credit every 12 months.
  • Most master’s degrees require a minimum of 30 hours beyond the bachelor’s degree.  The Music Education and Piano Pedagogy degrees require 32.  For all degree plans, at least 18 credits must be earned in courses numbered 500 or higher.  No 400-level course may apply to a degree unless specifically included in the Study Plan.  A maximum of 6 credits in directed study and 3 credits in workshop or practicum are applicable to a master’s degree.
  • All coursework applicable to a master’s degree must be completed within eight years immediately preceding the granting of the degree.