Mosaic of ancient Greek street musicians

Master of Arts: Music History

(Thesis required)


In addition to the Graduate School requirements, the School of Music requires submission of examples of research and writing to demonstrate adequacy of background. Admission to this program is by permission of the Music History faculty.


Required Core – 9 credits

  • MusC 521 Musical Analysis (3 credits)
  • Choose one of the following:
    • MusH 504 Special Topics
    • MusH 510 History of Jazz
    • MusH 518 Classic and Romantic Music
    • MusH 519 Twentieth Century Music
    • MusH 520 World Music
  • MusX 511 Bibliography and Research (3 credits)

Required Major Courses – 12-15 credits

Courses are selected from the MusH 400-500 series in consultation with the major professor and supervisory committee (6-9 credits).

  • Six credit hours of MusH courses are required if the optional supporting field is chosen, nine credit hours if not.

MusH 500 Master’s Research and Thesis (6 credits):

  • A reading competency in one foreign language is required and must be demonstrated before enrolling in MusH 500 Master's Research and Thesis.
Optional Supporting Field (0 or 6 credits)
The supporting field is to be in a field outside music. If this option is chosen, the subject matter must be appropriate and integral to the nature of the music history curriculum. Courses in this area will be selected in consultation with the major professor and the supervisory committee.

Electives – 3-6 credits
Electives are selected by the student in consultation with the supervisory committee. Selection must include, with the required core courses, an additional course in music theory (MusC).