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Department of
Modern Languages & Cultures

Physical Address:
Administration Building 302
PHONE: (208) 885-6179
FAX: (208) 885-5221
E-MAIL: modlang@uidaho.edu

Mailing Address:
Department of
Modern Languages & Cultures
c/o University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3174
Moscow, ID 83844-3174

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French Courses

Fren 101-102 Elementary French I-II (4 cr). Fren 101 satisfies core requirement J-3-a. Credit not given for both Fren 101-102 and 104. Pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, spoken French, and functional grammar. Students with two or more years of high school French may not enroll in Fren 101, but may earn credit for Fren 101 by advanced placement, i.e., by successfully completing a higher vertically related course.

Fren 103 (s) French Language Lab (1 cr, max 4). Practice in listening comprehension, pronunciation, and grammatical structures. Graded P/F. Coreq: elementary or intermediate French (Fren 101-102, 104, 201-202).

Fren 201-202 Intermediate French I-II (4 cr). Reading, grammar review, speaking, and writing. Prereq: Fren 102.

Fren 204 (s) Special Topics (cr arr). Prereq: perm.

Fren 299 (s) Directed Study (cr arr). Prereq: perm.

Fren 301 Advanced French Grammar (3 cr).

Fren 302 Advanced French Writing Skills (3 cr). Recommended for students who wish to continue in upper-division French courses.

Fren 304 Connecting French Language and Culture ( 4 cr). Practice of linguistic proficiencies within simulated cultural frames.

Fren 305 Reading French Texts (3 cr). Development and practice of reading skills and strategies.

Fren 307 French Phonetics (4 cr). Contrastive analysis; acquisition and corrective practice of sounds an intonation patterns; phonetic description and transcription.

Fren 308 Advanced French Conversation (3 cr) (Fren 411).

Fren 309 Practicum in Advanced Language Skills (1 cr, max arr). Prereq: perm.

Fren 407 (s) Topics in French Literature (3 cr, max 9).

Fren 408 (s) Topics in French Culture and Institutions (3 cr, max 9) (Fren 303).

Fren 449 (s) Practicum in Tutoring (1 cr, max 2). Tutorial services performed by advanced students under faculty supervision. Graded P/F. Prereq: perm.

Fren 496 (s) Proseminar (1-3 cr, max 12). May be graded P/F when grading system is uniform for all students in the class. Prereq: perm.

Fren 499 (s) Directed Study (cr arr). Prereq: perm.